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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Wow... That's a LOT of knitting stuff..."

The inspiration for this post? The title is a direct quote from my husband when he stumbled upon me organizing my stash this morning. Caught. Busted. It was as the Yarn Harlot said during her talk last Monday night. There are only two comments people make when they happen upon your stash: "Is that hand-painted merino?" in which case said commenter is warmly embraced and becomes one of US. or... "Wow... that's a lot of yarn." We see which camp my dear hubby is in. I figured after almost 11 years (July 27) of marriage, two children, 4 knee surgeries (3= mine, 1= his), and teaching high school he could handle almost anything. I guess I still sort of caught him by surprise. Those are some of the DPN, straights, and circulars I just happened upon. I haven't been using these lately - other needles are in my project bag. I thought I had a handle on this stash thing.
Organizing my stash was inspired by my daily horroscope: "Today is a 7 - There's lots of cleanup to be done before you begin your next project. Don't complain about it - that wil only make it take longer." (Anchorage Daily News, June 13, 2007) Surely, my horroscope was referring to my stash and not my house! I mean, I'm about to embark on a several week long road trip from Anchorage to San Diego (round trip) & I need to determine what projects to take along. Makes sense, no? So - I started w/the 20.7 gallon tote in the closet. Yikes - I have LOTS of worsted weight wool (apparently 20.7 gallons)- perhaps lots of felted projects are in my future this winter.
This photo is rotated 90 degrees - rotate your computer screen (if you have a laptop) for the correct orientation. Don't know why it came up like this. Anyhow - this is a large basket full of sock yarn, Ultra Silk, and some Duchess Elite. I think I'll work from this basket first. With good ole Machiavelli in kitty heaven, I can safely leave yarn out on display (pretty, no?).

This is the bag I plan on filling with yarn & needles for projects on the road. I discovered it fits perfectly between the driver & passenger seat of our Eurovan. Is it big enough? I have another bag in reserve.

However - organzing was not done! The lovely mailman, Gary, blessed my mailbox with a surprise! Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Flamingo Stripe. I purchased it at Two Swans Yarns - please pay Karen a visit! Did I mention that Lorna's Laces will donate a portion of its proceeds from the sale of this yarn to Breast Cancer research? How could you NOT purchase some of this yarn?!? This yarn will certainly make the cut for the road trip. Now I need to decide on a pattern. Thank you Naomi for the yarn inspiration!

Okay - enough procrastiknitting, I must go tackle the mound of laundry, or my family will be doing the road trip in the nude. Ewww - perish the thought!


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