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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Knitting in Public...

Happy World Wide Knitting in Public Day! While dear hubby is ripping trim from around doors & windows, I have a moment to update my blog. I won't go into detail as to what my two boys are up to. Let's just say it has to do w/rolling dice, elves, dwarves, spells, and role playing with a friend while their dad is doing their mother's bidding. Ahhh - like father like sons.

This afternoon, the Alaska State Yarn Council organized Anchorage's knitting in public event at the Loussac Library (The top photo is the rarely working fountain in front of the library). Happy to say the stereotypical old lady knitter was cast away. All age groups were represented. I was too comfy sitting in my lawn chair enjoying the long awaited sunshine to actually get up & photograph other knitters. I saw at least three children knitting on their first projects. My eldest son wants to learn while we're on our road trip. I saw a preteen gal using a spindle to spin yarn. Pretty cool! That's a skill I'd like to learn, although I can't imagine wanting to spend an inordinate amount of time and expense pursuing spinning with gusto. Photo below depicts the group.

Below you see my partner in crime, teaching, and knitting - Miss Margaret (as my boys call her). She's casting on a hat to donate at Monday's event - The Yarn Harlot. She said she'd hate to show up w/out a hat & be a "Hatless Loser". (I think those were her exact words). I said she might be attending the book signing & talk with "Heather the Hatless Loser", since I don't see having time to knit up a hat & paint our master bedroom by Monday. Being the wonderful friend she is, she said she wouldn't call me that to my face. Ahh - isn't she swell?

We met some other women equally excited about The Yarn Harlot's visit to Anchorage. We met Linda from the Knitters of the North guild who was busy picking stuff out of a fleece in preparation for washing & then carding it. I learned so much this afternoon! AYSC's 1st birthday is this summer & to celebrate there is another knitting in public event set for Monday prior to the Yarn Harlot's talk. Let's hope the sun stays around for a while -we've missed it!
Knitting update - on gusset of the 2nd Pink/Turquoise sock. I reversed the color pattern - this one will have a turquoise cuff, heel, and toe & a pink body. I gotta think of a better name for it. Any suggestions?

Ciao ~

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Diane said...

That outdoor event looks awesome...I wonder if we could organize something like that here in Fairbanks too!!!