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Friday, June 8, 2007

Monkey off my back...

Ah.. the monkey is gone & I feel GREAT! No knitting news to report... The monkey I refer to in the title is the last wall of wallpaper I needed to remove from our master bedroom. THREE LAYERS of wallpaper, mind you. Of course - I started removing this wallpaper 2 years ago. Oops. So - my hubby finally helped me move our king size bed away from the wall so I could tackle the last bit. Now it's on to washing the walls, priming, 1st coat, 2nd coat, and then trim. Will it be done before we depart on our road trip? I hope so.

Off to read -

Tomorrow is world wide knit in public day. More knitting news (finishing pink/turquoise sock & new pair of baby botties) tomorrow.- Enjoy!


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