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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still Moving On...

Bonjour from Canada! I love how all of the informational signs are in both French & English - it makes my 5 years of french study in HS & College pay off. I'm writing from Milk River, Alberta - approx. 20 miles North of the Canada/US border. We're about to cross over & head toward Yellowstone. This is another quick post as I'm at a travel info center w/free internet. Yeah!!!

Wildlife Count Update: 5 More Black Bears (A mother w/two cubs, one single), 5 Rocky Mountain Sheep, several more Deer.

Sock Count
: I'm at the heel flap of my 1st Jaywalker. I love the Flamingo Stripe yarn! I'll have to post photo later - I'm not on my laptop.

Days since shower: 6 Yucko!! I think it's best photos aren't posted now.

Weather Conditions: Glorious sunshine! When we awoke along the Icefield Parkway (links Jasper & Banff parks), we had fabulous sun. Of course - this is creating cemented bug carcasses on the front of the van. I think it's going to take an industrial power hose to get those critters off.

We took the opportunity to walk up to the Athabasca glacier (very diappointing for folks who were expecting ice, since they rope off the trail & don't allow you to go very far for fear of folks falling in crevasses), brief stop at Lake Louise, and then a couple of hours in Calgary.

Camped at the side of the highway last night in a large pullout & now we're headed to the border. Will post again when I can w/photos.

Ciao ~


Fitknitmom said...

So glad all is going well on your trip. I showed the pictures to the boys, and they were especially impressed with the bear. You've inspired me to start a blog of my own!

Diane said...

We've made the drive twice and I just love it!!! Isn't it amazing to see so many animals???