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Monday, June 11, 2007


The title & subject of this blog might imply I've made progress on some knitting project, but alas no. Knitting has had to take a back seat to getting our master bedroom painted. To the left you will see the "before" photo - the south wall & door to the bathroom - sans awful wallpaper. Since I began the wallpaper removal process 2 years ago, there are no photos depicting the hideousness that once was our room.

Here I am doing some prep work. This whole painting thing would go a lot faster without all of the prep! Hmmm - knitting doesn't seem to be toning up those upper arms enough.
Yeah for hubby - working on getting primer on the ceiling. I don't know if you can tell - but our original ceiling certainly was not white! With the obnoxious dark blue flowered wallpaper that hung on the walls, I could have sworn the ceiling was white. Hmm - I guess it's a relativity thing. However, I don't think Einstein had paint colors in mind when he proposed his theory of relativity. (Good think I don't teach physics.)

Here is a quick photo of where we are as of noon on Monday: The color along the back wall is a mixture of sorts to create a Lilac color. It's a little pastelly, but it will work for accent. The wall to the left is "Organza Peach" - I had almost 4 gallons of this stuff left over from doing some painting 2 years ago. It really brightens up the room!

Of course - all paint and no knitting would make Heather a dull girl. Here is a little project I whipped out after painting on Sunday. Any guesses who the recipient will be?
I found the pattern here.

Tonight is the talk by The Yarn Harlot. As per her latest post, looks like she enjoyed a beautiful flight up. Should be a fun evening - as per Sandy's instructions, Margaret & I are planning on arriving early to get good seats. Title Wave made it a ticked event & from what we hear, all seated & standing room only tickets are gone. Whew - good thing we procured ours early.

Will report later this evening, or tomorrow morning.

Ciao ~

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Janet said...

Wow! I looked for a knit in public group down here and had no luck. I wish I could have gotten to Title Wave. oh well, Have fun on your trip.