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Thursday, June 7, 2007

More Birthday Socks

When you knit a pair of socks for one 5 year old, you can be certain another 5 year old will want the same thing. (Eerily reminds me of the story series "If you give a Mouse a Cookie") So - after completing Iain's birthday socks, I set out to knit a pair for his great friend, and fellow class of 2020 classmate, Taz. As mentioned before - her favorite colors are pink & turquoise.

I initially thought I'd do a moss stitch, or just some striping pattern. But, of course, I changed my mind. The SKS book had a fun fair isle pattern I thought I'd try. Well - when I was close to working on the heel flap, it occured to me that the sock wasn't feeling too elastic. I asked Iain to try it on & he couldn't get it over his heel. Big problem - I tried to keep the yarn strands loose, but to no avail. Working w/size 2 needles & this yarn certainly wasn't helping matters. I didn't swatch (egads!), so I deserved it. Oh well...

Since these were for a 5 year old, I thought I'd make the socks a little silly. So - you can see I chose to do the cuff, heel, and toe in a different color than the body of the sock. The 2nd sock will just be the opposite. I mean - how many 5 year olds really care about matching socks? I guess I'll find out when I give them to her. I guess I can offer to knit another pair exactly the same in order to have 2 pairs of matching socks. Not nearly as fun.

I'm using the Addi Turbo lace double points in size 2 - very pointy ends which makes knitting w/this yarn tricky as the ends split the yarn. The yarn isn't necessarily intended for socks, but when you're looking for pink & turquoise, beggars can't be choosy. And - with two boys at home, it'll be the closest I'll get to knitting w/pink yarn. :0)

Here's a photo of something fun to do in Anchorage on a Wednesday evening - Orienteering in Bicentennial Park. We did the 2.8 km White Course - 10 flags to find total - great activity to introduce & reinforce map reading skills to kids. Longer courses are available for more serious orienteers. It's summer - so Bear Spray & Bug Spray are necessities. No bear sightings last night (thank goodness), but the mosquitoes were out in force. Me, sons Orion & Iain, w/friend Heather & her daughters, Taz & Marley.


PS: 4 more days until the Yarn Harlot takes Anchorage by storm!

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Naomi said...

Hello - I saw your comment on my blog. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Flaming stripe(see my post dated May 29th near the bottom of the post there is a tiny link) and the pattern is from Knitty - see this

Have fun!