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Monday, June 11, 2007

Live from Anchorage...It's the Yarn Harlot!

YEEEEE.... I've just returned from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "The Yarn Harlot" book signing & talk at Title Wave Books. (okay - after a brief stop at a local watering establishment for a frosty beverage & chat with friends Heidi & Margaret) Wow! The talk was even better than I anticipated it would be. It was great seeing friends & listening to The Yarn Harlot in person. She's also vertically challenged like me - I've always known that great things come in small packages! She is incredibly kind, patient, and witty. Here's how the afternoon progressed:
To celebrate ASYC's 1st birthday, there was another "knit out" in our Town Square of downtown Anchorage. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was kind enough to join us for a spell as she wandered around downtown. Here she's showing us Ruth's Cardigan using Kauni yarn - "easy fairisle" pattern she said and credits the yarn for the incredible sweater. I'm thinking her knitting magic & skill have something to do with it too. Anyhow - pretty darn cool! Visit her website for a link to purchase the yarn (Danish) & for obtaining the free pattern. As much as I'd like to dive in, I must show restraint. I have way too many WIP OTN to start another. Must show restraint.... must not visit yarn website....

Sandy, Margaret's Aunt-In-Law (is there such a thing) & my ePal (we will meet in person soon, I'll make sure of it..) warned the Yarn Harlot that we'd be in attendance at the book signing. Margaret asked Stephanie about that & fortunately she wasn't warned of anything bad. At least she didn't grab her knitting and run away - good sign. She even obliged a quick photo during the knit out. We figured this was a better opportunity. The photo w/Margaret is on Margaret's camera - sorry Mags - I can post the proof later. Anyhow - the level of coolness has risen a degree in our close knitting circle.

Here's the group before the talk began. We actually procured front row seats! Yee Haw! From left to right are: Julie (I think - I apologize otherwise if you're not Julie; we met briefly at the WWKIP at the Loussac on Saturday; Allison - German teacher at East High & new mommy to baby Ella; Angie - Spanish teacher at East High - Jo Sonnier - a fellow Wasilla Warrior - yeah - great to see you again!, and another Heather who I met when we used to have knitting Tuesdays. They now know I have a blog - uhhh - the pressure is on. I chatted with another nice, nice lady behind me about socks & how I love the Sensational Knitted Sock book. (You're welcome Ms. Schurch) Several more people were in attendance - but I didn't put the camera on wide angle mode to capture them all.

With all of her travels, the Yarn Harlot is a pro at pointing out the exits during our "safety talk" given by Title Wave staff. I was surprised we weren't warned not to run with our needles. If you want a great laugh, chat w/Stephanie about the idiocy of the dangers of flying with knitting needles and the supposed hazards they present.

Here's the Yarn Harlot taking the requisite photo of "The Sock" prior to beginning her talk. It was great to see The Sock in person. :0)

Stephanie must have extremely strong forearm muscles - I can't imagine signing so many books. Here she's signing mine & one for my mother-in-law, Sylvia, who introduced me to The Yarn Harlot in the first place. My socks & the Alaska washcloth are on the left corner.

But... wait my friends - are you ready...... Here I am holding... yup.... THE SOCK!! OMG (as my students would write!) I gave her the washcloth I made - I didn't totally understand this state washcloth thing, but didn't want Alaska to be left out. She said it started with some woman in Oklahoma knitting a state washcloth & has since progressed into a type of competition (Margaret finds that extremely appropriate for my competitive nature). I hope mine lives up. I had grand plans as I was knitting it last night to include 8 star shaped buttons to represent "the stars of gold on a field of blue" of Alaska's state flag. Ah yes - the best laid plans of mice & men. Anyhow - the cloth warranted a photo by the Yarn Harlot holding both the washcloth & THE SOCK.

Here's Heidi - we've been friends since high school (OMG - can we say we've known each other for more than 20 years? Our 20th HS reunion is next summer) having her books signed. Heidi - we must get together more often. Knit night will commence upon my return from "The Road Trip". That should give me plenty of time to think of something terribly witty, and fun for such evenings. Yes - I think Michael (her hubby) perpetuates C.H.O.K.E. - we could have fun with that...

And yes - Margaret having her books signed. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee mentioned how she just lives to make Margaret happy. Isn't she sweet?

Okay it's late... my brain is fried... & I still have to get up early enough so I can 1) finish painting bedroom & 2) finish Tazlina's sock. (of course - not necessarily in that order...) :0)


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Diane said...

Oh how I wish I Stephanie came up to Fairbanks too!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the great pictures!