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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yeah Buddy!

Vive Le Football! Today Team USA beat Team Spain in the Confederations Cup 2 - 0 to advance to the semifinals. DH & I are incredibly happy & of course a bit shocked that Team USA, a team that barely made it out of group 1, beat the #1 soccer team in the world! Whoot!! The 2nd goal by Clint Dempsey was via some luck (can we say SHOOT THE BALL DONOVAN!), but as I tell my team when I'm coaching - it doesn't matter how the ball gets into the net; you don't earn style points in soccer.

So - Team USA will face the winner of the Brazil/South Africa semi-final on Sunday. I think perhaps I'll invite my over-35 coed team over to cheer on Team USA & get psyched for our evening game. By the way - I've scored 2 hat tricks (6 goals total) in as many games - Whoot!!

To appease my knitting friends:


1) Hey, Teach #2. I've finished the back & half of the left front. I began this project in early spring only for it to sit at the bottom of my knitting bag. I'm using size 8 needles which I needed for another project (see below), but alas this sweater had other ideas. I could not get one of the needle tips off to use on the other project. I guess this is a way of Hey, Teach telling me to get with the program & finish it up already.

2) February Lady Sweater. I'm not sure when I began this project, although I do know I've frogged it once to drop down a needle size & change garment sizes. I just need to finish the 3rd button hole & then begin the lace section. I was looking for some easy garter stitch as a break from the current sock project (see below), but forgot I'd switched out the needle tips for the Hey, Teach. Since Hey,Teach wasn't willing to give up the tips, FLS has to be patient for just a wee bit longer. Not like I'll be wearing the sweater any time soon.

3) Fraggle Squiggle Socks (rav link)- the May 2009 RSC installment. I've almost finished sock #1 & I'm not feeling the love. The colorway, which I love, is too busy for the lace pattern. I'd considered frogging it during our week-long road trip (more on that later), but decided against it since it was the only project I had with me. I think I'll sally forth, but it won't be a priority. I'd really love to see this knit up in a semi-solid so the lace pattern can be easily seen and appreciated. Of course, I'm not volunteering for the job.


1) Cabled Wrap (rav link) - I've just decided, after ~10+inches (out of 67) that the yarn weight I'm using will not create the drape I want for this project. So.... I'm either going to use this yarn (Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed) on an Ishbel or Braided Wrap (rav link) - we'll see...

2) Another BSJ & matching booties for a dear friend. - I still have to block these & get them packed up before they are revealed here.

Lots to do during summer vacation & of course this doesn't even mention the homework (can you believe it??) I have to do for the Sock Summit.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Thanks to my fab friend from college, I've been introduced to Dave Matthews Band. I have to say they rank up near Duran Duran as one of my favorites. I've had the chance to see them perform live over Labor Day weekend at The Gorge for the past 2 years. Great shows! Just recently they released a long awaited new album called "Big Whiskey & The Groo Grux King". I've been spending my spare time jamming to these new tunes.

Thanks to ravelry, I also stumbled on the new video "Funny The Way It Is". Check it out:

This tune is one of my faves from the album along w/Spaceman, Why I Am, and Lying in the Hands of God.

If you are looking for something fun - I highly recommend you go & check this album out.

Jam on!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Instant Gratification

After completing the BSJ, I had tons of yarn left over. I thought a cute pair of booties to match would be just the thing. Ravelry comes through again. May I present Saartje's Bootees (rav link) for Allie:

Aren't they the cutest? Almost makes me want to have another baby. No wait, scratch that. I'm happy with my 2, happy, healthy, potty-trained, energetic boys. I've been overheard to say that if I were to get pregnant again, I'd be a wee bit unhappy about it. However - I think these booties would help take the edge off.


Yarn: BFMA STR Mediumweight in Faulty Dyer colorway
Needle: Knit Picks Options US 2
Cast On: Evening of June 11
Cast Off: Afternoon of June 12
Size: Large

I'd guess the actual knitting took maybe 2 hours. Crocheting the buttonholes & sewing on the buttons went pretty fast too. A project that was over all too soon.

I hope baby Allie likes them!

Friday, June 12, 2009

FO - Surprise!!!

Hooray - another FO & again, not a pair of socks. Now it seems like I'm on the baby sweater kick.

May I present Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket

Completed BSJ w/buttons, originally uploaded by Arctic Knitter.

This is actually the 2nd BSJ I've knit - but the 1st that I've finished. I cast on one earlier for the impending birth of my friend Jen & Steve's baby #2. The original BSJ was knit w/yarn in shades of blue. Then - on June 2 we received word that shades of pink might be more appropriate for the BSJ. Fortunately I'd thought ahead & had cast on during the Alaska cruise. Now that baby #2 had arrived with two X chromosomes, I was inspired to finish the BSJ completely. The original BSJ will have to wait for a baby who possesses a Y chromosome.

I love how it resembles nothing like a sweater while you're knitting & even after you bind off. I love how Elizabeth Zimmerman asks you to trust her. Trust indeed! Once markers are placed appropriately, construction is rather simple. Above you can see the 'amoeba' on the left. I had already seamed the top shoulder before I took a photo. I think I was just too excited to finish!

Inspired by Knitting Nuggets' YouTube video, I decided to also add two eyelet rows for a little pizazz. I added the first right after the increase in stitches to add fullness for the cuffs and then again after I bound off stitches for the neck. I think it looks pretty cute - just right for a little beba with two X chromosomes.


Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock: Mediumweight
Colorway: Faulty Dyer
Needle: Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeable in US4
Mods: Eyelet rows, 3 buttons rather than 5, 3 stitch i-cord bind-off with integrated buttonholes.
Size: 3 - 6 months, I'd guess

I think I'll knit this several times more - great TV knitting. Now to find recipients!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back....

Hello - did you miss me? Wait - don't answer that; you probably didn't even know I was gone. :0) Typical excuses for not blogging much lately:

1) End of school year craziness
2) End of JV soccer season craziness (we tied our last game, hooray)
3) Quick vacation w/my aunt didn't leave time or availability for blogging (see back-posts)
4) The wonderful springtime sun & warm weather lures me away from the computer.
5) No completed knitting projects. Not that I'm not knitting, just nothing totally finished to share...
The photo above is from the blooming Iris in my backyard. Isn't it beautiful? I haven't seen it bloom for three years as we've been out of state during the last 2 summers. I'm really happy we've decided to stay home (in AK) this summer rather than hit the open road.

Leaving Alaska in the summer is always a risky venture. Not because the travel is dangerous, but because you might be missing out on the spectacular weather of summertime in AK. Summertime is the pay back for enduring long, cold, dark winters. It seems however, that the past 2 summers that we've left, the weather here turned to crap. So - I'm taking full responsibility for the marvelous weather we've been having. Sun, sun, and more sun. Warm weather - in fact, I'd venture to even call it hot. (remember - AK standards for hot are a tad different than the lower 48 standards) So - my forecast is for more glorious weather until July 20th - the day we depart for a trip to California, Las Vegas (sister's wedding), and Oregon (sock summit!!)

So - time for some 'back posting' to catch up with my shenanigans over the past couple of weeks.