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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Inspired by OneMoreRow - I've compiled a Flickr Mosaic of my finished objects of 2008:

1. Child's French Socks inside #2, 2. Fire & Ice, 3. Dublin Bay Socks, 4. Jacobean progress, 5. Kauni Hat, 6. Leaflings Complete, 7. Celtic Braid Socks - Complete, 8. Monet Monkey #3, 9. Pumpkin Hat for Silas, 10. Sea Foam Scarf #2, 11. Hey, Teach Front, 12. Knitted Sweatshirt, 13. TTL Mystery Socks - Finished, 14. Hat on Head, 15. Koolhaas Hat Progress, 16. Amanda Hat II, 17. Thorpe on Snow, 18. Fingerless Mitts, 19. The Amanda Hat II, 20. Dimond Danish Earflap Hat, 21. Lopi Icelandic Sweater, 22. Central Park Hoodie

Looking back on my Knit-o-lutions of 2008, it was hit and miss....

1) Complete - I finished the Child's French Socks for my Vintage Sock Swap Pal.

2) Nope - Did not in any way, shape, or form finish the Mystery of the Stole KAL. I never got past clue #1. I think I should have tried something else as a first major lace project - perhaps using something other than lace weight yarn? I'm not sure if I'd have ever worn this stole - it probably would have become a gift.

3) I didn't keep up with the Sock of the Month KAL 5 or 6 Looks like I fell dismally short by only knitting 8 pairs this year. Geez - it seemed like so much more. Once the sweater bug took hold, sock knitting took a back seat.

4) I did manage to knit something larger than a hat. My original goal was to complete one adult sized sweater. That I did - four-fold. I finished FOUR sweaters - whoot!! I didn't complete the Minimalist Cardigan however. I think that project is destined for the frog pond as I've scavenged yarn designated for the cardi for other projects.

5) I also didn't keep up with the sock clubs to which I belong. I blame the July RSC shipment 'Cleopatra's Stockings'. While I love the yarn, the cables & other stitches were just too fiddly with my blunt addi-turbo needles. I think had I been using some knitpicks, I would have finished them in a timely manner. As it stands, I only have about an inch of ribbing left to do & then the pair is complete. How sad is that....

Oh well.... This is what I have on tap for 2009:

1) Participate in the Ravelry group: NaKniMitMo - where we knit at least one pair of mittens in the month of January. I'm planning to knit: Bella's Mittens (one complete..), Druid Mittens (started..), and a pair of Thrummed Mittens.

2) Four Sweaters: February Lady Sweater (cast-on), Eastlake, Jaden, and another Hey, Teach!

3) 2009 Rockin' Sock Club - hopefully I'll do better - the list of designers is exciting.

Well - looks like another busy & fun/knit filled year. It's still cold (-11.7°F right now) - off to knit. :0)



Holly Jo said...

You know, if you look at mere yardage of yarn knit, knitting a sweater is worth A LOT of pairs of socks. :) Very impressive amount of knitting.

Forest Canopy Shawl - one skein of STR yarn. :)

tiennie said...

Wonderful projects! Happy 2009 to you!