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Monday, December 29, 2008


Isn't this a picture? Doesn't it make you want to just run outside & bask in all of the glory of nature?

Bright gleaming sunshine...

Snow-covered Chugach mountains...

So idyllic, no?

Okay - here's a few more photos to tempt you into the great outdoors of Alaska:

This photo was taken from my front doorstep while I was facing south:

Doesn't the blanket of snow just make everything look so clean, so inviting?

Perhaps you may want to reconsider:
No - this is not the work of photoshop. This is what our thermometer read this morning at 9:58am (disregard the time displayed - the clock is set by the atomic clock & doesn't account for Alaska Standard Time). Yes - it was -14.6°F this morning. And yes - our heater is having to work overtime to keep us warm - I think the heat had been on all night & only reached 61.7°F upstairs. Unless you are a serious die hard, used to bone-chilling, skin-freezing, snot-solidifying temperatures, this is just plain COLD, COLD, COLD!! I took these photos soon after showering & my hair actually froze during the short time I was outside. Yikes! So yes, going outside with wet hair is just plain dumb & I don't recommend it.

You learn early living in the 49th state that clear, sunny skies during the winter months = cold temperatures. Anchorage temperatures don't usually bottom-out like this, however. These are temps usually experienced by Fairbanks - approximately 360 miles north of here.

Click for Fairbanks, Alaska Forecast

Wow!! It's -29°F right now in Fairbanks. Okay - makes the current temperature of -11°F seem more tame.

We were supposed to go out to my parent's cabin yesterday, but the extreme weather changed our plans. It was -20°F at the place where we leave via snowmachine. The cabin is about 2 hours by snowmachine from Deshka landing. With high winds in the forecast combined with negative temps - good sense prevailed & we opted to stay home. Too bad - I was really looking forward to spending time with my parents & enjoying relaxing & quality knitting time. Perhaps we'll be able to squeeze in a trip before the winter vacation is over.

So - let's look at warmer things, shall we? Like a couple of Christmas knitting finished objects:

Danish Earflap Cap in Dimond High School colors

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Maroon & Gold
Pattern: Danish Earflap Cap from Hats On!

My hubby - such a good sport to stand outside to model his new hat. The 'earflaps' are more like cheek warmers in the large size.

Elka Icelandic Sweater from Best of Lopi

Yarn: Lopi Icelandic Wool
Recipient: My stepmother - she'll have to wait to receive it as they are at the cabin & we're not.

The yoke detail.

I was very glad to finish this project. While it was a fun & relatively fast knit, the amount of finishing - knitting separate button bands & sewing them into place, sewing on 6 buttons, weaving in ends, kitchner stitch the underarms, knitting collar & sewing in place was a bit taxing. Overall - I'm glad with the result. I felt the button bands pulled on the stitches a bit, so I'd like to improve on that the next time I tackle a similar project. There was no time to block the sweater, but since now we're not heading out to the cabin, I might set it in the tub for a good soak.

Okay - thanks for sticking with this long post. I think we're off to brave the cold & check out the ice sculptures downtown. Then back to knitting for me. Next up: the Druid Mittens from Vogue knitting.

Stay warm!! Ciao~


tiennie said...

Yikes! That is cold! Happy holidays to you!

Mrs.Q said...

Yep. I was looking at that stunning view and thinking "that looks really cold." Mind you, I know what it's like to spend winters where everyone gets excited when it's "warm enough to snow."

Hope you're keeping warm!

Holly Jo said...

Love the cardigan. The finishing sounds grueling.

You have gorgeous views of the mountains. :)

Naomi said...

Oh my goodness! Where have I been? You have been doing so much awesome knitting! Wow!

Tama said...

Alaska is so gorgeous! And the temp doesn't scare me--I see it as a challenge for my knitting. I am currently living in Wyoming at 7000feet elevation so with the regular temp and the wind chill we haven't been over -15 for about two weeks. It's warmed up a little the last two days, but it's still cold.

Love the cardigan! and hat. I found my way here by way of Afternoon Moon's blog. I'll definately be adding you to my list so I can come back.

pdxknitterati said...

I love snow and bright blue sky, beautiful! But that's way too cold for me.

The earflap cap is beautiful. I hope DH appreciates it properly! He's probably just glad to be warm.

carolyn said...

Great looking projects... I especially love the hat in those colors!

knititch said...

wow it is lovely that lopi, and alaska is probably one of the places in this world where it is really useful.

gets a bit too toasty here i think. i am embarking on a yoke thing in lett lopi. i think it is better for the danish climate.

lucky mother in law.