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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Manna Keeps Falling

Ice Day - NUMBER 2!! Crazy! The last time the Anchorage School District had 2 school cancellations in a row that I can remember was back in 2002. When the call came this morning (at 4:57 am, thankyouverymuch..), I was not totally surprised since the temperatures were still unseasonably warm (40°F-ish), roads were still slick as snot, and hurricane force winds were picking up around town.

The winds blew all night & surprisingly left little damage in our area. Last time we had a major wind storm, our neighbor's tree was knocked down; fortunately parallel to our driveway & thus missing the Eurovan. Windows rattled & the house shook. Electricity stayed on as did shingles as far as I can tell. The Pineapple Express zipped through south central AK with a vengeance.

While I always appreciate time off, today caused a bit of concern because tomorrow we have an Elementary Science Day planned at a new school. We usually use the day prior to load all of the supplies in cars & make sure my students are ready to go. I was worried that after 2 days off, the elementary school wouldn't be ready. However, after a few calls & emails - they wanted to stick with the plan. So, the 2 other science teachers who are accompanying my students and I met at East to gather & load gear. The main roads were not bad at all - it's the neighborhood streets that are difficult to navigate.

So - I did pretty well with my knitting plan for Ice Day #1:

1) Finished my Noro Scarf - just what I need when the temperatures are hovering around 40°F, right? Let's say, I didn't need a hat, mittens, or heavy coat today - a lightweight shell did the trick.

2) I sewed on the button for the Robin's Egg Hat. Cute hat, but wayyyyy too small for me or any adult, I surmise. Surely there's a head out there destined for this hat.

3) Frogged ugly sock. I just hate seeing all of that work dismantled - hours gone.

4) Cast-On new sock project. I'm participating in Ravelry's Leyburn KAL. The moderator of the KAL is trying to have as many Socks That Rock colorways represented with this pattern. All of the colorways I have in my stash were already taken. I can't justify spending more $$ for more sock yarn. Fortunately the moderator has allowed ravelers to duplicate colorways if they must. The Leyburns are great fun & very quick - I'm almost ready for the short row heel!

Colorway: Pink Granite
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight
Needle: US 2 (2.75mm)

Okay - I'm ready for a standard winter now - some new snow would be nice. The kids just started Junior Nordic skiing & unless the precipitation turns to snow soon, they won't be hitting the trails anytime soon. No more snow/ice days please. We've used the allocated amount for the year & any additional days would require extending the school year into the summer - no thanks!

Weird weather!!

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Holly Jo said...

Well, Happy Ice Day #3! I figured no way, but here we are.

Love the scarf. I feel myself weakening to one of those scarves. :) They Leyburn socks are FANTASTIC, love the yarn you chose.

What do your boys do while you knit?