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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Manna From Heaven

5:00 am this morning - the phone rings. I'm still in deep slumber, so I reach for the phone without concern bad news could be waiting on the other end. "Good Morning! This is so-and-so, assistant principal at Dimond High (school where my DH teaches) - just passing along the message that it's a SNOW DAY and schools are closed." BOING - my eyes fly open and a smile quickly spreads across my face. A SNOW DAY??? - Manna from heaven.

During winter, there are several days I'm only half asleep in the early morning due to the anticipation that a snow day call is on the horizon. Those usually occur after I've witnessed large, fluffy flakes falling from the sky before I go to bed. Or perhaps those afternoons when students in my 6th hour class witness snow falling and longingly wish for a snow day the following day. I'd say 99.99% of the time, the early morning call never comes when I hope it would. Today was a total surprise - out of the blue. Like finding money in your pocket.

There was no snow last night. So when I heard we had a snow day, I ran downstairs & looked out the window expecting to witness at least 3 feet of soft fluffy whiteness covering our yard. Snow days are fun because not only are they an unexpected day off from work, but a day to go outside and revel in the gift from nature. That is not to be today. When I looked out the window - there was not 3 feet of snow blanketing my yard. I was greeted with rain. Rain + snowy streets = icy & dangerous streets. Apparently the streets are too icy for school buses to safely transport students to and from school. So - it's not really a snow day as much as it's an ice day.

Oh well - it still means I can enjoy this gift. I didn't have any lesson plans that had to be executed today - no reactions left overnight, no dissection specimens that will go bad if they aren't tended to today. My students will have an extra day to get their pre-labs completed - a win/win situation for all.

Now - what to do w/this gift of time? I see knitting in my future - in my pajamas while drinking warm, yummy coffee from my favorite ceramic mug (thanks Sandy!) instead of my insulated travel mug. I need this time to:

1) Finish the Thrummed Mittens I'm working on for NaKniMitMo. Of course, now that our freakish cold snap is over (sorry midwest - remember, sharing is caring!), these mittens might be a bit overkill.

2) Move past the garter section of the February Lady Sweater and on to the more interesting lace section. My goal is to finish this before I go down to Madrona Fiber Arts retreat in February.

3) Finish my striped Noro scarf. I think it's long enough - I just need to bind off & block it a smidge.

4) Sew the button on the Robin's Egg Blue Hat. The hat itself is very short, not sure how much I like it.

5) Decide whether or not to rip out a sock I've been working on that I'm really not liking. I finished the heel flap last night (it's a toe up pattern) & just don't like how the yarn & pattern are getting along. The sock is also too big for me (not a gauge issue - a measurement error where I began the gusset). My bet is that I'll rip this puppy out. Even if I finished the pair, I don't know if I could, in good conscience, give this ugly thing to a friend. I hesitate to mention the pattern & yarn for fear of offending anyone. Let's leave it at - it's just not my style.

So - while I won't be busy entertaining educating teenagers, I will be busy in other pursuits.

I hope you enjoy a great day too! Photos next post - just not motivated right now to find my camera. :0)


Tama said...

Sounds like a great plan for the days activities! Hope it's everything you want.

AfternoonMoon said...

congrats! We here in Fairbanks are expecting our tomorrow. From 40F BELOW yesterday here in the Goldstream valley to 40F ABOVE by tomorrow, with "chance of precipitation that IS NOT rain". That was all the weatherman would cop to.
Enjoy all of your knitting!

alittlebitofscrap said...

My dh begged me to stay off the roads today.. I went to work anyway. The roads are pretty darn slick. Wish I could have stayed home and worked on my sweater. Sounds like you have a good day planned :)

carolyn said...

Hope you enjoyed your "snow day"...

I always LOVED those!!!

Holly Jo said...

Yeah, my husband said the roads were utter snot with how slick they were. I think we will be back tomorrow. Bubba danced a jig of joy - he loathes school. :)

pdxknitterati said...

I love snow days. I hope yours was productive, for your fun stuff, at least! That was a great list of possible projects.