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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Way It Should Be....

Summer is here in all of it's glory! The holiday weekend was fantastic - bright, sunny skies with temperatures in the low to mid 70's throughout Anchorage. Alaskans really can't ask for anything better....

The thermometer reading to the left is from today - in the shade! Yes, it's a hot one over here on the east side of town, although the bright skies have made way for a slight haze. Not sure if there's a fire somewhere blowing smoke this direction, ash from Mt. Redoubt's February eruption getting stirred about, or just dust in general unsettled due to lack of rain. In any case, we'll take the warm weather.

Since we don't own a pool (most Alaskans don't), the best way to cool off is the classic 'run through the sprinkler'. Waters the lawn & berries (the strawberries have taken off!) & entertains the kids simultaneously - perfect!

To dry off, the boys & their neighborhood buddies went into the front (please ignore the clover - the front lawn is having issues this year...) to lie in the sun. The photo op was just too cute to pass up. And in case you think I haven't been blogging because I haven't been knitting, well - let me present the current state of Ishbel:

I'm through the stockinette portion & charts ABA. Just charts BACDE & bind off to do. Whew! I'm using a US6 and Queensland Rustic Tweed, a DK wool/alpaca mix. I probably could have gone up a needle size or 2, but I figured gauge doesn't matter too much for a shawl. At least that's my story & I'm sticking with it! :0) My goal is to finish & be ready for blocking by July 12th. I'd like to have it totally done before the boys & I leave for the lower 48 on the 20th (San Diego, wedding in Las Vegas, and of course Sock Summit in Portland! )

Well - better go if I'm going to finish Ishbel on time. Ciao!


Holly Jo said...

Man. It is hot today! We went to Jewel Lake and SWAM.

Go, go, go on Ishbel. It is such a pretty scarf. Can't wait to see it finished.

Clover in the lawn is fine. It was standard up until the 60's (actually added to lawn seed mix) when the chemical companies decided we should STRICTLY have grass. It does good stuff for the soil. :) Be proud of your clover. :)

Charity said...

Ishbel is perfect summer knitting! Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts! :o)