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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Stumped on what FSSHW could possibly mean? Why: Finished Sock Summit Home Work of course! :0)


Class: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Moccasin Socks taught by her daughter, Meg Swansen
This wasn't a first choice for Sock Summit for me, but think it'll be fun nonetheless. Most sock knitters are aware of the issues 30,000 potential Sock Summit attendees had on the SS server (sounds like a doomed ship!). When I tried to log on at the appointed time, the server was experiencing difficulties (with 30,000 hits, no wonder!!). I had to log off & try again as I had a *cough* spa appointment *cough* to go to (I was on my Alaska cruise at the time). I know - no sympathy for me. Anywho - when I got back to register, most classes were full, including all of my 1st & 2nd choices. So - this looked interesting - a sock with a reinforced foot - might be quite cozy during the winters!

Yarn: Filature Lemieux Québécoise - 100% wool. This is the wool suggested for the class. Being the model student I am, I of course didn't want to go with just anything..... Being that this yarn is 100% wool, it feels a bit scratchy. I'm hoping after a nice soak once the pair is complete, they'll soften up.

Needles: KPHW: US Size 5. Yup - nice big needle + heavier weight yarn = quick knit!!!

Pattern: EZ Moccasin socks with at K2P2 rib along the leg & foot. Nothing too fancy, but the leg isn't the showcase of the project, so a simple ribbing is quite okay. Made for great knitting during The Closer & the kids soccer games (they each scored a goal in their respective games - whoot!)

HW Details: Cast on 44 stitches, do a K2P2 (or some variant) for 6 - 8" (I think mine are about 6.75"). Place 6 stitches on a holder for the heel & then continue flat with slip 1, ssk, pattern to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1, turn. Easy as pie. Since it was so quick, I opted to get the leg done for both socks - that way I can focus on the foot & heel during class & will be more likely to finish these in a timely manner after sock summit is over.

As my reward? Perhaps I'll cast on another pair of socks (those RSC Fraggle socks haven't seen the light of day in a while) & perhaps have a piece of:

Blueberry Boy Bait - a recipe I discovered via fellow knitter, PDXKnitterati. The cake is quite moist & a yummy way to use fresh blueberries. The wild berries aren't yet ripe here in So.Central AK, but Fred Meyer's has had them in the store on sale recently.

A+ for me! :0) Ciao!

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pdxknitterati said...

Congrats on finishing the homework, and the Bait looks divine! Do you have a platter big enough for it, or are you leaving it in the pan?