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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Take A Hike!

As my reward for finishing Ishbel on time (on the 11th - a day early!), I thought while it's blocking I'd take advantage of the glorious weather we've been having and get the kids out of the house. I asked the youngest where we should go & he said 'to Eagle River'. I haven't been to the Eagle River Visitor Center in years, so I thought this would be a fine destination.

I love getting outdoors, but I must admit that my inertia over the past few years has increased. It's just so easy to stay home & hang out. I think that's due to being so crazy busy during the school year that the summer invites pure leisure. The Eagle River nature center is only about a 30 minute drive from our house. From there you can access several trails, including the 26 mile Crow Pass trail. Hubby and I hiked it (overnight) about 10 years ago & I'd love to do it again when the boys are older as it includes a crossing of Eagle River. Check out Midwife Knits' blog for incredible photos - it'll make you want to don your pack right away!

The hike today was not nearly as ambitious - 2 kids + geriatric dog doesn't lend itself to anything too strenuous. We opted to hike down the Crow Pass trail to Eagle River about a 1.7 mile walk (3.4 miles round trip) according to the signs. The walk is pretty easy & takes you through beautiful trees & ferns.

A few boulders along the way provide opportunities for king of the mountain.

Breaks in the trees provide views of the Chugach Mountains and Eagle River valley.

At the Rapids campground area there is a set of stairs leading down to the river. A shallow pool at the shore allowed the kids to get their hats wet for some welcome relief from the sun and heat. Joulee (our dog) greatly appreciated this as well.

All I kept thinking here was "Kids Don't Float - wear life vests". Oops - didn't bring those along, so I was on constant alert. I was more worried about Iain who has a history with falling into rivers. Happy to report that he stayed dry. :0)

Happy kids to be outside (and at the turnaround point). All in all, an easy hike for kids & elderly pets. I was happy Joulee was able to make the journey, much of it with a 'pep in her step'. My overactive imagination kept my mind filled with images of her collapsing on the trail and me having to carry her up the hill to the car. We spent many hours hiking and skiing these trails when she was a pup and younger dog, so I figured if this was the afternoon she chose to leave us, then it would be doing what she loved to do. Fortunately this did not come to pass and she's happily lounging in the shade of the backyard with me.

Getting out with the kids on my own felt great - just like changing the head light of my car and replacing our wireless router on my own.

Now to rest before the evening's soccer game. FO: Ishbel coming soon!

Get out and enjoy the outdoors! Ciao!


pdxknitterati said...

What a beautiful day you had! Today was cold, cloudy, and rainy here. But yesterday was sunny and hot. We just never know what we're going to get...

Holly Jo said...

It is such a nice hike. I hear you about the inertia thing - sometimes it is just easier to stay at home with the kiddos. Though I would never in a million years described your life as inert. :)