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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring Update & I.A.P. Part Deux

The view from my front yard - the alpenglow was amazing. This photo was taken around 8:45 pm. It's too bad that my little digital camera couldn't capture the true pink hue reflected off the Chugach mountains from the setting sun. Breathtaking!

My front yard as of Monday, April 16th. The snow is going & can you see it - grass!! I give it another week before the yard is totally clear.

Another great day of I.A.P. for our S.W.S. students. No knitting updates on my part - still very busy helping students learn to knit. One student finished a mitten in class today, while others are very, very, close. I'm still not a fan of the short row w&t in the Fiber Trends pattern - still created a hole because the 2nd w&t is hard to see when you're knitting back around. Oh well..

Enjoy the photos from day 2:

Children's Literature - two students reading Dr. Seuss' tongue twister "Fox in Socks".

The Chocolate class - Yum!! Students are learning how to make scrumptious desserts & chocolate goodies from our very talented Food Science Guru, Rebecca Jesse. How come I wasn't quick enough to supervise this class?

S.W.S. freshmen girls working away on building benches for the S.W.S. commons. Girl Power!!

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Sandy said...

All I want to know is have you felted Margaret's mittens yet???

Fire up the ol' washing machine and let's go!!!!!!!!