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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Has Sprung ?!?

According to my calendar, spring officially began March 22. I wish Anchorage was aware of this date! I live by my calendar - if something is written on the calendar, it's like it's written in stone - it's a firm committment, a date. You never break a date that's been written on the calendar. So - is Mother Nature aware of this? I mean, what would Miss Manners say if she knew Mother Nature was not upholding a committment. Arghh.

So - since nothing is really new on the knitting front, I thought I'd post photos/comments on "Springtime in Anchorage". See the photo - that was taken this evening around 8:30 pm. See our fence? Well - it finally reappeared a few days ago - we've had soo much snow this winter, that the fence has not been visible since last November. Good to see it's still there & that the road plows haven't knocked it down. My oldest son was surprised to see a piece of his purple saucer sled poking out of the snow - he wondered where it had gone.

Anyhow - I'm still knitting along on sock #2. I'm desparately trying to finish it so I can post to the SKS KAL and the SAM3 KAL for April credit. I think I can make it - after comparing notes from sock #1, I think I have 4 more repeats of 8 rows before I turn the heel. It's always the heel gusset that makes me feel like I've entered the black hole of knitting.

The high school soccer season has begun. Things are a bit backwards up here - our soccer season is in the spring rather than in the fall. So - the players have to practice inside & don't have any outside playing time prior to their first game on a regulation field. I used to coach the J.V. soccer team & I remember how frustrating it was when my players weren't used to utilizing the entire field. Not to mention having to wear long underwear under coaching clothes was just plain wrong! I'm thinking about heading down to watch a game this weekend. I thought I could perhaps knit while I watch, but got to thinking that cool (cold!) air and metal needles might not be a good mix. I figured that out when I thought I'd knit while ice fishing. Duh! (Ice fishing is a lot of "hurry up and wait")

So - send warm thoughts North - I'm ready for this snow to GO AWAY!!!

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Sandy said...

Warm thoughts wafting your way! BTW, I did some major serious yarn and food research for you down here in Portland. I have news for you, it's all good!!! Have I got a doughnut shop for you. They even double as a wedding chapel so you & hubby can renew your vows in the most romantic way!!!

check it out ; )