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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'd Rather Be Knitting!

Wow! What a day.... we've started our mandated graduation exams for our sophomores, so my morning is more of babysitting rather than teaching. One student actually showed up to the exam 2.5 hours late & 'finished' in under an hour. Can you believe it? So glad to know students are taking these tests seriously.

But wait - it gets better!! When picking up my oldest son from school, his teacher stops me to let me know she was about to phone home. (Gulp!) Apparently my son brought a blade to school today! Ahhhhh - he's only in 1st grade! Is he sliding down the slippery slope to dinlinquency? Arrrhhh!!! After a very intense interrogation - I determined the blade was a scalpel blade he picked up off of my desk in my classroom this morning while waiting for his ride to school. The shiny rectangular package looked like a piece of gum. Boy wasn't he surprised when he opened it & found an extremly sharp cutting implement. I asked what he planned to do with it after the disappointment of finding out it wasn't gum - he calmly answered "I was going to dig with it." Dig with a scalpel blade? Ahhh - only 7 year old boys would find such a use for it. Can 1st graders get expelled from school? How ironic when he and I were talking about scholarships and how he needs to start preparing NOW! Hopefully all is better, he learned some valuable lessons, and tomorrow will be a better day...

And the coup de gras (okay - it's been many moons since I've formally studied French). A colleague recently announced there was room in a pottery class she teaches at a local rec center. My husband Wade & I thought this would be a great time to go & do something fun together. Hmmm - let me start out by saying the times for this togetherness is every Tuesday & Thursday from 4:30 - 9:30 - yup, 5 hours each night! Egads! Well - it was fun, but not the sort of fun that makes me want to spend 10 hours a week and pay a babysitter 7 dollars per hour. I never did get anything that resembled a pot, or a bowl, or a plate. Do I really need more bowls, pots, or cups - NO NO NO! A few lopsided lumps of clay and a huge mess to clean up later. So - the bottom line is - I'd rather be knitting! It's portable, it's practical, more fun, and way cleaner!! So - I'll stick it out for the rest of the month (Wade will go on Thursdays, I'll attend Tuesdays), but then it's sayonara! (Who knew I was trilingual! )

The Yarn Harlot's newest book arrived today - I'm off to the warmth of a bed to dig in. Sock #1 (see older posts) is almost done - just the toe to do. I cast on a baby bootie this morning.


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Sandy said...

I am shocked that you would even consider a pottery class. Do you realize that this could possibly cut into your knitting time? Sheesh, you really need to be careful about what you consider doing with your hubby! I mean sex is fine, but activities that require a big time committment, just say no!

BTW, I got the Yarn Harlot's newest last Friday and she went to the Y with me. I love her and am sooooo excited that you will be meeting her in June! I can read on the eliptical trainer but can't seem to knit and workout simultaneously. Sigh.