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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My New Toy

I've done it - I've purchased my very own swift and yarn winder. (Ignore the mess surrounding the toy - I was too excited to clear the space before I took this photo. )Hooray! Now I can zip in and out of the yarn store (yeah, right) and wind up my ball all on my own. :-) My kids think this is uber cool - I have to keep reminding them that it is not a toy, but a necessary piece of knitting equipment. Of course, my husband responded that he could have made me one & we proceeded to find a link describing a swift made from legos! (Right up his technology alley). Oh well - I'm happy with my new toy, er... piece of serious knitting equipment. Wind on!

How cool is this? This is my youngest son with my toy. The swift is a great way to tear my kids away from their Game Boy & to get them to get jammies on lickity split! All I said was "Okay - if you hurry up & get your jammies on, you can come down & wind a ball of yarn for me." Never underestimate the power of yarn! Great knitting mojo!

Here is a finished sock & the 2nd one on the needles. The sock is knit using the double needle method on size 2 24" circulars. I'm using Koigu KPPPM yarn - very soft! The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks - the Elongated Corded Rib. Of course, even after knitting a gauge swatch (a new one for me!), and measuring all important aspects of my foot - it still took slightly more than 50 g to knit one sock. Curses for the large foot. Anyhow - glad to report that the 2nd Sock syndrome has not taken hold!

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Sandy said...

Love the new toy. I have one myself & love it. But I must admit that when a yarn store offers to wind yarn for me, I go ahead and let them. It's kind of like driving to Oregon and buying gas. Sure I could pump my own gas in Washington, but it is an extra special treat when someone else will do it for me.

Love the first sock and am so proud that the second is on the needles. I've knitted the heel flap on sock #2 and am waiting for my knitting guru to remind me how to turn the heel. I'm using the magic loop method (that's one 36" size 2 needle). I was glad to say goodbye to the 4 double points.