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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back....

Hello - did you miss me? Wait - don't answer that; you probably didn't even know I was gone. :0) Typical excuses for not blogging much lately:

1) End of school year craziness
2) End of JV soccer season craziness (we tied our last game, hooray)
3) Quick vacation w/my aunt didn't leave time or availability for blogging (see back-posts)
4) The wonderful springtime sun & warm weather lures me away from the computer.
5) No completed knitting projects. Not that I'm not knitting, just nothing totally finished to share...
The photo above is from the blooming Iris in my backyard. Isn't it beautiful? I haven't seen it bloom for three years as we've been out of state during the last 2 summers. I'm really happy we've decided to stay home (in AK) this summer rather than hit the open road.

Leaving Alaska in the summer is always a risky venture. Not because the travel is dangerous, but because you might be missing out on the spectacular weather of summertime in AK. Summertime is the pay back for enduring long, cold, dark winters. It seems however, that the past 2 summers that we've left, the weather here turned to crap. So - I'm taking full responsibility for the marvelous weather we've been having. Sun, sun, and more sun. Warm weather - in fact, I'd venture to even call it hot. (remember - AK standards for hot are a tad different than the lower 48 standards) So - my forecast is for more glorious weather until July 20th - the day we depart for a trip to California, Las Vegas (sister's wedding), and Oregon (sock summit!!)

So - time for some 'back posting' to catch up with my shenanigans over the past couple of weeks.



pdxknitterati said...

Summer and you have irises! Lovely.

I worked at a cannery on the southern end of Kodiak Island for 5 summers. It was warm and sunny when we arrived in June with long, long days, and by the end of summer those days were a lot shorter! Enjoy your weather, and see you at Sock Summit.

Holly Jo said...

Man, is that on the south side of your house? Mine don't even have the flower part showing yet let alone blooming! Very beautiful.

Jealous about sock summit! Did you get classes? Was it the horror Stephanie described? Doesn't that last question make it sound like I know her? Sheesh.

carolyninAlaska said...

Looks like you had a great time on your trip. I took the Alaska cruise too... so it's not that odd. Your irises look great! Mine don't even have buds yet-iris envy! :o(

Mags said...

That's not true - the past two summers have not been crap! The summer of 2007 was great! Loads of sun, in fact when Sandy and Katie were here it only rained one day, the rest of it was sunny, sunny! Last summer was crap, that I'll give you.