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Sunday, May 31, 2009

All things must come to an end....

I can't believe how quickly 7 days at sea went by! Our last day was spent cruising College Fjords in Prince William Sound. I've been to the fjords several times, but again - still enjoy the magnificent scenery.

During the last afternoon, Aunt Sis & I participated "On Deck for the Cure" - a 3K walk around the ship to support Breast Cancer Research. A great way to get exercise (they say on average cruisers gain 3 pounds per day!!) and to support a fantastic cause.

Here's a photo to show why gaining weight is a distinct possibility:
Yum! Add to that the daily cocktail hour & dessert & if you weren't careful you'd be hauling around your own personal excess baggage!

Here's a photo of our table companions - Jerry & Marsha from Minnesota. Vesi from Romania and Justin from the Philippines were our waiters for the week. We had 2 other people at our table, but they only dined with us only one night. I guess the siren call of the 24 hour buffet was stronger than our riveting nightly conversation.

Cheers!Isn't it pretty?

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