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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not Socks!!

Hey look - finally a FO that's not a pair of socks!!

Introducing the Tulip Cardigan, take 2. If you recall, I knit one for my niece a year ago. This version was cast on during our 2008 summer road trip & finished this evening. It's for my good friend, Julie (who doesn't read this blog... or at least I don't think she does....) - whose baby shower is this Friday. Nothing like a deadline to get 2 sleeves, attached i-cord & loose ends all tied up.


Pattern: Tulip Cardigan by Coldwater Collaborative

Yarn: Dream in Color - The fabulous folks at coldwater collaborative put together the yarn & pattern in a kit. I can't tell you how much of each color I used, but I know it's more economical than buying 6 separate skeins. Unless you happen to have lots of odds & ends of DIC lying around, I'd go for the kit. The kit comes in both girl & boy varieties.

Needle: US size 7. The pattern calls for a size 5 for the attached i-cord & seed stitch trim. But of course, while I thought I had all of my needles with me during our road trip, alas - no size 5 double points, or tips available. So - I did the entire garment with one size needle. I don't think the little be-ba will care, do you?

Here's a close-up of the applied i-cord (cast on 3, pick up stitch on sweater, slide 4 stitches to left needle, K2, ssk, pick up & knit stitch from sweater, slide 4 stitches to left, etc) & seed stitch trim. I made the ties a bit long so they can be tied in a bow.

A gratuitous photo our our almost 13 year old (look at her gray muzzle) dog, Joulee (named after the unit of energy, Joule - she was a very energetic puppy & adolescent). She just wanted her photo taken - I think she forgot how old she is. Isn't she sweet?

Okay - what to knit next? Hey, Teach, part 2? More of the February Lady Sweater that's gathering dust, finish the Shur'tugal mate? Choices, choices. I'd better choose soon - school's over in a week & then I leave to meet my fabulous Aunt for our north bound Alaska cruise. :0)



carolyninAlaska said...

Your baby sweater is adorable. I sent a friend my knitting group the link to you blog because she just finished knitting that pattern too!

tiennie said...

That baby sweater is soooo cute!!

pdxknitterati said...

Very sweet. I've seen that sweater in the LYS, and just assumed one had to buy all the colors of yarn separately. That would be a horrendously spendy baby gift! But a kit? Brilliant.

I keep ending up with projects that need thought, and situations where I need mindless knitting. Some day I'll get it together, but I guess this is not the month for it. Have fun choosing what gets knit next!

Holly Jo said...

I.Love.That.Pattern. Your sweater turned out beautifully. Do you know where one can get just the pattern?

Have fun on you CRUISE!

pat said...

I'm going to go buy the kit - I've seen the pattern knit up before, but yours just grabbed me - an adorable sweater!