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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vive Le Futbol!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love soccer/futbol? I have? Really? You know, I'm usually so subtle about such things (ask Mags - I think she might know my thoughts about ham & fruit cake...)

Another highlight of The Roach Road Trip '08 has come & gone. Last Saturday, the Roach clan attended the LA Galaxy vs The Columbus Crew soccer game. For those of you who are unaware, international soccer super star, David Beckham, plays for the LA Galaxy. This is his 2nd season with the team, and by all accounts is doing well.

Orion was in hog-heaven. He's been anticipating this game for quite a while now. He was hoping to get Becks' autograph, but didn't. As you can see from the LA Galaxy swag he's sporting (we did drop a few shekels at the game), he was still pretty happy. Even though the photos aren't the greatest, we did have pretty good seats for the game.

Here is Becks pre-game. You can also see Landon Donovan (#10) who also plays for the US National team. So - 2 big name players on one team - pretty cool. I saw Donovan play for the US during the 2006 World Cup tournament. He scored twice on Saturday. Where were those goals during the Ghana game which knocked the US out of the tournament? Hmmm

The score board after goal #1 - assist from Beckham, goal credited to Donovan. As you can see - the goal came pretty early - within the 1st 4 minutes of play.

The game ended in a 3 - 3 draw (LA gave up a 2 - 0 lead) which was okay. To see 6 goals - 2 of which were PKs (penalty kicks), was pretty incredible. Beckham almost had the winning goal late in the 2nd half, but sent the ball flying over the cross bar. Whooops...
I also want to meet the marketing genius who thought of the idea of selling scarves at soccer games. I purchased one at the 2006 World Cup while Germany was stifling under a crazy heat wave. Also - Saturday night in LA was a scorcher... scarves, indeed. At least I know if they don't become wall decor in the boys' bedrooms at home, they will at least be useful.

It was Ball night, so the 1st 5000 fans to enter the stadium received a #5 LA Galaxy ball. Wade picked up 4 (one for each ticket) and ended up giving 2 away to kids sitting near us who didn't receive a ball. He's so nice, my dear hubby.

Here's a quick glimpse of the game - I guess I don't need to use YouTube after all.

Great game, fun times. I think Wade now understands why I'd love to go to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. Although, I think he'd be happy with going to the 2012 European Championships. Yes - the Roach clan lives & breathes soccer. I don't know what we're going to do after Sunday when the Euro 2008 finals are over. We've been in sort of a funk waiting for the semifinal games to begin on Wednesday, GO GERMANY!!

While I can knit during a baseball game, no can do during soccer - too much action. Wade & I were both amazed at how fast 90 minutes + 15 minute half time can go by.

The End... (Beckham's that is...)

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