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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Toothless Joe

Little Iain is growing up & sporting a new grin:

Arghhhh Matey

Date of Incident: Saturday evening, June 28, approximately 10:20 pm

Details: After a couple of days of wiggling and careful chewing off to one side, lower tooth 'popped out' during routine teeth brushing. Only photographic evidence available as tooth fell down the drain.

Tooth Fairy was contacted via a copy of above photo. On the back we wrote a little note:

"Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my tooth while I was brushing my teeth (emphasizing good oral hygiene - always earns brownie points). I lost my tooth. The tooth went down the sink. I'm leaving a picture so you can see. Thanks, Iain"

Apparently this worked, because when Iain woke up this morning, the photo was gone & he found a dollar under his pillow.


Holly Jo said...

Hooray for lost teeth! :)

My eldest just SWALLOWED his second lost tooth. A note was left as well explaining where the tooth is. Good times.

Courtney said...

Consider yourself tagged