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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Always the Bridesmaid....

and never the bride.

It didn't happen for Michael Ballack and the German national team, again. Germany ended up losing 0 - 1 in a lackluster appearance by the German squad. Spain outplayed, out-shot, and out-hustled (hmmm - sounding awfully like Survivor...) the Germans for 90 minutes. Sad, sad, sad.

My man and his teammates just couldn't get the job done. Poor MB - Runner up in their 2002 World Cup loss to Brazil, (although he wasn't able to play in the finals due to a red card), Third Place in 2006 World Cup, and Runner up this year with his club team, Chelsea in the FA and UEFA Champions League cups. Check out this article for more details. I guess his #13 is proving to be unlucky. I wonder if he'll play through to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. At 31 (almost 32) years of age, he is considered an 'older' (groan) player.

However - it's been a great tournament. Tons of last minute goals and excitement. For instance, in the game of Germany vs Turkey - a header caused injury on both sides - the players ran to the sidelines for treatment. How was the Turkish player treated? - A STAPLE GUN!! Yes - a few strategically placed staples into the back of the head & the player was back on the field. How nuts is that?

Oh well - I feel Ballack & Germany's pain, but today, Spain was the better team.

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