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Friday, June 6, 2008


After attending the two RUSH concerts, we've spent a fair number of days with our good friends who live in Lake Oswego, OR. We've known these friends since forever. While reminiscing, we determined we've known each other for 15 years. We played on the same co-ed soccer team when we had both moved to Anchorage. Ross was the best man at our wedding. Great friends who've been too kind & let us mooch, stay with them.

Yesterday, we drove about 1.5 hours to the coast to visit Cannon Beach. Luck would have it that the best parking spot we could find was in front of their local knitting store, Coastal Yarns. So - the boys & Ross were sent running to the beach & I helped stimulate the local economy.

Who could resist yarn named after a local treat? On our way to Sacramento (where my May Rockin' Sock Club kit awaits) I'll knit this up into a pair of Celtic Braid Socks (see right photo) a pattern by Cabin Fever. Very cute - but using a cable needle w/socks is a bit 'fiddly'. I do need to master the cabling without a cable needle technique. I tried & failed miserably on a pair of Firestarter socks. Oh well - some time....

Cannon Beach was so cute - we decided to return & spend a couple of days here. Of course - now that we're here there are gale force winds & rain. Oh well - doesn't matter - we'll have plenty of beach time when we get down to San Diego. I'm able to sit & relax w/my new yarn & pattern while watching the surf crash on the shore. Yes - the freedom as teachers to pick up & go wherever is quite nice.

We ate lunch at this log cabin restaurant. Yummy food - the kids were thrilled they could order a PB&J on white bread. Yucko.... I recommend the bay shrimp & avocado sandwich. :0) What we found to be pretty cool were the drainage spouts around the outside of the building:

A Crane

A Frog

After our visit here, we'll return to Portland to watch Ross compete in the Dragon Boat races. The Dragon Boat races are part of the Rose Festival currently taking place in Portland. Ross is the 'flag catcher'. I guess his job is to stand at the bow of the boat & lean over & grab the flag at the end of the race. Last year they made it to the finals & ended up losing to a 'blind' team. Hmmm - Perhaps the rowers were visually impaired & the flag catcher was able to see? Monday morning our plan is to head south & visit the Oregon Caves National Monument. Wade & I went there on our drive up after graduating from college in 1993 (yikes!). We plan to roll into Sacramento sometime Wednesday afternoon.

Well - back to knitting. Ciao~


punkin said...

It looks like you are having a good time. Be sure to wave 'hello' as you pass through Medford.

Fitknitmom said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun, and I completely love Portland, it's a fabulous city. My brother's dream is to move downtown after his kids grow up and be able to walk and use public transportation for everywhere they go. Enjoy the Rose Festival too, that's a great event.

Holly Jo said...

Ooh! I love Cannon Beach. :) We only passed through on the way to Newport, but gosh, it is beautiful. Jealous you got in the yarn store - my husband isn't as nice as yours. :)

Keep having fun. :) The weather here is freezing still.