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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm always up for a fun, good natured game of tag. I came upon this while visiting a fellow SOSii participant's blog Knitting and Spinning with Ewe

4 Jobs I've Had

High School Chemistry/Anatomy Teacher (Current job - I LOVE it!)
Princess Tours Motor Coach Tour Driver
Cafeteria worker at UCSD (helped keep the food bills low during college!!)
Summer Hire for The Corps of Engineers

4 Movies I Watch Over and Over

Princess Bride
Any of the Harry Potter Films
Life is Beautiful
Love, Actually

4 Places I Have Been

The Philippines
Seoul, Korea
Tokyo, Japan
Prague, Czech Republic

4 Places I Have Lived

Anchorage, Alaska (Current home)
Okinawa, Japan
San Diego, CA (in college)
Mt. Clemens, Michigan

4 TV Shows I Watch

The Amazing Race
Grey's Anatomy

4 People Who E-mail Me Regularly

Fellow teachers
Parents of my students
My Husband
Knitting Friends

4 Favorite Foods

Chicken Curried Rice
Baked Potatoes with all the fixings!
Spaghetti w/homemade Bolognese sauce

4 Places I Would Rather Be

Wow - I'm pretty happy where I am. However, places I'd love to be any time...

Kauai, Hawaii
Southeast Asia
Anyplace with my family & friends

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To

Madrona Winter Retreat next month
Summer Vacation
Traveling with my family again in our VW Eurovan
Finishing my first sweater!!

4 People to tag

Winston's Mom
Midwife Knits

Have fun!! Ciao


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Thanks for joining my game. :) Your knitting is gorgeous.

Holly Jo said...

Wow. You drove a motorcoach? I see you in a whole light. :)