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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 7 - Day 8: Making Progress

I know - it's been a while since I've updated you on our cross-country journey, leaving many of you wondering "where are you"? Perhaps I really did decide to move to Edmonton & I'm now sitting inside the Muttart Conservatory sipping coffee.

Nah - it's just that once we left Edmonton, driving east through Canada didn't afford much blog fodder. Once we arrived in Wisconsin, we were busy enjoying the company of our friends & the luxury of unconfined space that I didn't update the blog. I'll remedy that now....

Day 7: Calgary to Regina, Saskatchewan

Highlights: Ummmm...... lots of flat, grassy, expanses of land. I think I saw a sign that said we were driving through the "Badlands" of Canada.

Our view for hundreds of miles...

Wildlife: (Besides the creatures in the backseat?) Prairie Dogs - lots of Prairie Dogs.

Mileage Begin: 108,256
Mileage End:
Total Miles Day 7: 493
Miles from home: 2,156
Tunes du Jour: "Enders Game" audio book
Knitting Project: More of Kiama & SeaLettuce Scarf
Gas Total: 31.74 gallons
mpg: 15.53 (??)
Total Cost:
$116.24 (Canadian)

Day 8: Saskatchewan to Grand Forks, ND USA!

Highlights: Being able to skirt Winnepeg & it's crazy traffic. Having a perimeter highway around major cities is a brilliant idea! Crossing back into the US. The border station guards in North Dakota were quite nice. Views along the highway - much of the same: flat!

We drove as far as Grand Forks, ND & found a campground within the city limits. The evening was clear & nice, so we opted to disembark the bicycles & go for a bike ride along a long, flat, dirt road located next to the campground. Good thing we rode in the evening, because when we woke up it was pouring rain w/thunder & lightening - so much for a morning ride to the Starbucks that was close by. :0)

Mileage Begin: 108,749
Mileage End: 109,245
Total Miles Day 8: 496 (the 500 mile day alludes us again...)
Miles from home: 2,649
Tunes du Jour: "Enders Game" on audiobook
Knitting Project: Sea Lettuce Scarf
Gas Total: 17.78 gallons
Total Cost:
$65.21 (Canadian)

Next stop: Wisconsin! Ciao & Happy Travels!

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Heather Ireland said...

Your remark about Winnepeg makes one think you might be supportive of the East City Bipass! It would change your view significantly. Just a thought...