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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 5: Rolling into Edmonton, AB

We're just plugging away. We reached the official end/beginning (Milepost 0) of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, BC. Of course, we didn't stop for a photo - Wade swears we've stopped before (we haven't), but oh well.

We turned east to head towards Edmonton, Alberta. We decided not to continue southwest into Prince George & then through Jasper/Banff since we had driven that route back in 2007. Now that we've arrived in Edmonton, I can say that the route through Jasper/Banff is much, much more scenic. The highway is a pretty standard highway connecting Dawson Creek & Edmonton. Edmonton is about 363 miles from Dawson Creek & in another time zone (Mountain Time), so we 'lost' another hour as we traveled east. We took a brief stop in Grand Prairie so Wade (not me!) could have a little "pick-me-up" at Starbucks (I told you - the VW just knows where these places are) & I took the opportunity to download 3 podcasts that were related to the 2010 World Cup.

The downer is that there are very, very few provincial park campgrounds near Edmonton, so we're "camping" (use that term very loosely) at another RV park called "Glowing Embers" (sounds like a retirement home, doesn't it) and the source of WiFi for this post. While there are tons of RV/motorhomes, there are trees & it is surprisingly quiet. I wonder where all the people who own these rigs are? Do they just sit inside? Did they take their extra vehicle (we've noticed many RVs tow an additional, smaller car behind) into the city? Just curious....

Not much in the way of scenery or wildlife along the way with the exception of this:

A 15-ft tall Beaver perched on a log outside the visitor center of Beaverlodge, AB.

The journey reminded me of traveling along I-80 or I-70 through the midwestern states -flat with lots of green farmland. We did encounter a substantial rainstorm - complete with thunder & lightening. That added a little excitement & caused us to consider a motel/hotel should we pull into Edmonton during the storm. Fortunately we were able to get ahead of the storm & set up "camp" - so far there's a fair amount of wind, but no rain.

  • Begin Mileage: 107, 634
  • Ending Mileage: 108,039
  • Total Miles Day 4: 405 miles
  • Miles from home: 1, 939 miles
  • Tunes du Jour: U2, Indigo Girls, RUSH, FIFA World Cup Today podcast (focus on US vs England match) , ESPN soccernet podcast, BBC News World Football podcast
  • Knitting du Jour: Kiama - only 1 more repeat & about 3 inches left.
  • Total Gas: 53.082 litres (14.02 gallons)
  • mpg: 20.36
  • Total Cost: $56.74 CD (gas is getting cheaper!!)
Tomorrow we hope to go & explore the city for a bit. No, we're not visiting the largest mall in the world. :0)

Ciao & Happy Travels!


KnitNurd said...

Sounds like you're having a great time so far. Thank you for sharing your travels!! :=)

Mags said...

Looks like you are having fun! Too bad about the soccer - we've been DVR-ing the matches. They have been fun to watch! On the news this morning they say the refs are thinking of banning the horns -- the horns are fun, but sometimes it is also hard to hear the commentators on the broadcast...