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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 2: O, Canada!

Today we entered Canada via Port Alcan. As most of you know, you are required to carry passports when traveling the highway between Alaska & Canada. I had a brief scare when Wade went to retrieve the passports & asked, “Did you already take them out?” Gulp… They were right where they were supposed to be, he’d just overlooked them. The border guard asked all of the pertinent questions: “How many on board, all you all family, how much alcohol/tobacco are you carrying (he asked this twice – did he forget, or was he trying to trip us up?) & of course – “Do you have any firearm on board?” When we answered “No”, he was surprised. BPA: “You aren’t carrying any of your guns with you?” Us: “We don’t own any guns.” BPA: “?!?”. Perhaps it’s a perception that all Americans are packing heat.

The road conditions on this section of highway are a bit dicey. Permafrost makes having a smooth, frost-heave free road bed quite the challenge. There are orange flags dotted along the highway to warn travelers of the bumps – it’s a great idea to pay attention to these warnings. Since we’re traveling with our bikes this year (primarily for added exercise & therapy for my knee), it’s imperative we not hit any bump too hard.

Wade does most of the driving since he has a propensity towards carsickness. I usually knit, read, do crosswords, consult the Milepost (a publication that’s a must for Alcan travelers), or documenting our journey for blog posting. Occasionally I give Wade a little break…

The boys spend a good part of their afternoon doing this:

Campground #2: “Pine Lake Government Campground” ~4 miles north of Haines Junction. We decided to stop early while the weather was nice & have a chance to relax with a campfire. We unloaded the bikes for a ride & rode
down to the lake. A regional biologist and camp ranger were present & gave a talk about bears. The talk went on for around an hour (too long!) – especially since we, as Alaskans, were pretty familiar with the topic. Canadian campgrounds are really nice – wooded site with firepit, picnic tables, pit toilets & access to firewood is included in the $12 fee. I think we all appreciated the shorter day & exercise.

Mileage End: 106, 711

Mileage Begin: 106, 471

Miles Day 2: 240 (short day)

Tunes du jour: Dave Matthews Band, RUSH

Knitting Project: More Kiama

Wildlife Count: No 4-legged creatures, numerous birds (swans & eagles)

Gas 10.720 litres (10.76 gal) (fill up Haines Junction)

Mpg: 27.11

Cost: $52.08 Canadian

Ciao & Happy Travels!

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