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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Progress

Seriously now - where does the time go? I can remember thinking about my holiday knitting list earlier in the school year with nary a worry. How did it get to be Dec. 9th already - only 15 knitting days left (if you don't count knitting in the wee hours of Christmas morning)!! Sorry for those who didn't want such a drastic reminder. Yeah - it's time to wake-up & read the calendar - the days are ticking away.

I had planned to make hats for Orion's teachers (x 2) and perhaps a pair of mittens for Iain's teacher. Mittens only because she received a hat when she was Orion's teacher last year. Yeah - what's the likelihood that I'll knock off a pair of mittens before the end of next week? Especially when I thought I'd knit these. Yup - that's what I thought too. I guess there's always teacher appreciation week. (By the way - teacher appreciation week occurs in May - who doesn't need a pair of wool mittens in May??) And let's not forget I coach H.S. soccer which begins in March. Okay - time for a reality check; the mittens might have to wait until next year. I'll have all summer to get them done. Note to Self: Procrastination isn't getting the knitting done. (I'll be sure to write that down later...)

So - here's what I do have done:

1) Pair of socks (Jacobean)

2) Hey, Teach! sweater for my sister. (She doesn't read my blog, or know that it exists for that matter, so I think I'm safe in listing her gift here) This originally was for me, but is too small. I've more of the same yarn (knit picks swish) in the stash, so I'll knit another for me very soon.

3) Hat for my 6th hour teacher aide (Tam from Hat's On)

4) Hat for my 4th hour teacher aide (The Amanda Hat)

The link takes you to a photo gallery of lots of Amanda Hats. Great, great pattern & a fun, QUICK knit. Did I mention it was quick? A 4 row pattern repeat + some garter rows & viola - you are done!!


Yarn: Peace Fleece in some blue colorway...
This was some stash yarn I received in a swap last year. 4 oz - looks like I'll be able to knit another of these hats. :0) The yarn band says the yarn will blossom & soften up w/some washings. We'll see... it isn't too scratchy, I think I'd be able to wear it on my head w/o trouble. Anyhow - just took a couple of evenings to knit.

Needles: Size 9 Addi Turbo (big needles = quick projects!!)

Works in Progress:

1) Koolhaas Hat for the student who isn't officially my aide, but comes in every 5th hour to see if I need help (she isn't skipping a class - she's an aide for another staff member who doesn't have anything for her to do...). She is fantastic and deserves a fantastic hat. Here's where I am so far:

BrooklynTweed has done it again!! The pattern is found in the 2007 Holiday edition of IK. The hat for the photo shoot was knit using Yak yarn - fresh out of that, so into the stash I went. I surfaced with some Mission Falls 1824. I'd forgotten how much I love knitting with Mission Falls 1824. So soft, so sproingy....

Word of caution - this pattern incorporates cables. In fact, the 1st row & 5th row of the 8 row pattern repeat cables every pair of stitches!! So.... I highly recommend you a) use some fantastically pointy needles like knit picks options and b) learn how to cable without a cable needle. Fortunately, I knit most of my Central Park Hoodie using the cable w/o a cable needle method, so I am familiar with the process. You can find a great tutorial here or here. Unfortunately, I don't have a knit picks needle on a small enough cable (16" or 20") so I'm using an Addi Turbo size 8. Not quite as pointy as I'd like, so dropping the stitch toward the back is a bit tricky. However - still way faster than having to pick up a cable needle 52 times in one row. Just thought you'd like to know.... All in all, I'm loving this knit - fun & still pretty quick. I think I'll make one for me during winter vacation.

2) Icelandic Sweater for my stepmother. This is pretty close to being done - need to tack down button band, knit button-hole band, knit collar, kitchner under arms where the yoke and arms were attached. I think I'll tackle this after school let's out for break.

So - off to finish Koolhas and work on The Amanda Hat #2. Details about the icord bind-off for my CPH next time - need to make dinner & hit the needles.



Holly Jo said...

You know I read that Koolhaas is not for the faint of heart! Yours is beautiful.

Really? That close? Suddenly my list of knitting looks much more daunting. :) Excuse me, I need to knit. :)

Miss Lu said...

woo-hoo, you can do it!!