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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Okay - this is absolutely ridiculous. I apologize in advance for what may seem as a continuation of my last post. IT SNOWED AGAIN!!!!!! Just when we thought spring was finally here, a storm "stalled" over the south central region of Alaska. Umm... stalled? Where were the other weather systems? Don't you know when you see someone stalled that it is polite and kind to help get them moving along? Hello - other weather systems? Where were you?

Anchorage received over a foot of snow. I can only provide accurate accounts for the east side of Anchorage - we received over 16 inches - IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!! WTF?? (Why that's fantastic) The photo to the left is what I had to scape at the end of the school day. Actually - it's what I had to scrape after about 2.5 hours - I'd already scraped once, moved my car, went to coach my JV soccer game (at an indoor facility thankfully), and then returned to school.
Yes - Adidas Sambas (indoor, flat soccer shoes) are not meant for walking through deep snow. I didn't pack boots into the car (they are a permanent fixture there in the winter for safety reasons) as the weather forecast predicted rain mixed with some snow and (now get this) no accumulation expected. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Here's what the railing of our back deck looked like:
Now I know many of you might be thinking - "Hey, you chose to live in Alaska, deal with it". Some may also think I'm just making this crap up & using pictures taken back in December. There is no way I'm creative enough to make this up. Yes, we did choose to live in Alaska - actually chose to return here after 5 years of college in sunny San Diego of all places. Its a beautiful state & I do love & enjoy winter & the snow. So many fun things to do. But come on - April 25th? For crying out loud - enough is enough. It think it's fate laughing at my decision to return to coaching soccer. Have I mentioned we have yet to hold an outdoor practice? I've been trying to train 18 girls to play soccer in our high school gym. It's very difficult to teach positioning and space when you don't have any. What a shock when we play at the indoor facility. We were fortunate enough to play one outdoor game - last Wednesday - in sunny 60° weather!! Luckily they're a great, fun, good-natured bunch and are able to go with the flow.

Okay - enough of my whining. I have been doing some knitting - just no blogging. Don't know what it is (besides the crazy busy schedule), but I haven't felt like plugging in the camera, uploading photos, and sitting down to blog. So sorry - here take a look at knitting - it always makes me feel better.

Progress on the pair of Jacobean socks I'm knitting for the SKP 2008. These will be a gift. They are toe-ups (I'm liking that!!) where I used the figure-8 cast on (so cool). The yarn is Spring Thaw (now that's ironic) from Shibui knits. It is fab yarn - mostly solid with just a hint of light striping.

A little shot of the stitch pattern...

Have I mentioned how much I love the short row heel? It is so cool & fits so well.

Okay - here's what I had to do before I could knit more today. The temps are lots warmer - so the snow is wet & heavy. However, it also helps the driveway to dry more quickly.

And... I might actually finish an adult sized sweater! Hazaah! This is the front of the "Not Your Basic Sweatshirt, Take Two" from The Yarn Girls - Beyond the Basics book. I'm at the point where I can decrease for the armholes & then separate for the v-neck. Yeah - I think I might have to ask for local knitter help when I need to seam this thing together - any takers?

Well - battery is running low & I only have a few more days to finish the Jacobeans for the April credit for SAM5.

Happy Winter, uh, I mean Spring.

Ciao ~

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Diana said...

Your short row heel is beautiful! Hoping you'll share your secret with me.