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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Did I oversleep?

Okay - please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it APRIL???? Did I sleep through the summer (and if I did - was it fun? Are we totally broke from spending all of our money on gas? Were the RUSH concerts fun? How about the family reunion in Wisconsin - how'd that go?) The reason I ask is that Anchorage & the surroundings have received over a foot of new snow over the past few days? I mean "WTF?!?" - (For those who don't know that totally means "Why, That's Fantastic!")

I knew we were premature in thinking spring had actually arrived in Anchorage. All throughout March I kept thinking, even as the ice was melting and the grass was emerging "just wait - more is on the way." It never fails; Ma nature lures us into a false sense of security thinking it's safe to put away the parkas, take the studded tires off the vehicles, and time to rake the lawn. - Then WHAMO! Sometime in the middle of March we're hit with a late season snowstorm that blankets Anchorage. Never fails. Until this year - Anchorage residents were believing more and more that yes, Global Warming is real. Snow was melting - lawns were visible and we were thinking that in no time - we'd be able to have soccer games outside - as they were intended.

Not so fast.... Saturday morning, April 5th, the weather forecast in the paper predicted 3 - 6 inches of snow. Yeah, right. But - lo' and behold, the snow was falling & sho' nuff - we had an accumulation around 6 inches. But.... the sun started to peek from around the clouds and the mercury was on the rise. The snow left behind after my shovel job quickly melted away - streets were clear and dry by the evening. Okay - just a little last minute hic-cup. I can live with that.

Well - Mother Nature wasn't through yet; spring forward to this morning, April 9th when my father calls at 6:15am. He was supposed to come into Anchorage (he lives about 45 minutes North) to pick up something from me at school. He'd call to say he wasn't going to come in because he'd heard Anchorage was expecting 6 - 12 more inches of snow! What?!? As I looked out the window, I thought he was smokin' crack since there was nary a snowflake to be seen falling from the sky. That didn't last for long. As my husband was headed out the door, he came in to tell me that yes - the weather forecasters were right - snow was falling and with a vengeance.

Roads were slicker than snot & it took me over an hour to take the boys to school & then get to work. Along the way there were several ditch divers and scores of cars fish tailing as they turning. Due to the hazardous road conditions - all after school activities were cancelled & outdoor soccer games are cancelled until Monday. Arghhhh

Please wake me when it's spring....

PS - The few nice things about the snow are everything is very clean looking and I feel a renewed need to knit. I'm past the heel of my Jacobean toe-up socks - more to report later... (including pictures - I just needed to vent...)


Holly Jo said...

All of March, I kept saying it is still gonna snow. Then April arrived, I believed we were done. It NEVER snows and stays in April. *sigh* So much for that theory.

I had tulips coming up....

Diana said...

The only real good thing is that my dog's aren't caked in mud anymore. Well, they will be again real soon, but at least I have a little break, before the mud and "doggy surprises" show back up.