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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Laid Plans...

Okay - today's post was supposed to read something like this:

"Yeah - rack up an 'A' for me on SAM5 - the Jacobean's are all done - Whoot Whoot!" Then I would give you all of the glorious details on the yarn, needle size, etc. Well - that was the plan.

Let's go back about 24 hours shall we... "Yeah - almost finished... only 13 rows of ribbing to do - no worries, I can knock that out in a short amount of time. Yeah boy - I'm gonna finish another pair of socks. Oh yeah - right on track, blah blah blah" There may have even been some celebratory dancing.

Then the 'little voice' starts speaking. If only I could just tell that voice to SHUT UP!!

Little Voice: "Hey - this sock is a wee bit smaller than the other sock"

Me: "Nope - I can stretch it out when I block it. The recipient's foot is smaller than mine. No worries..."

Little Voice: "Nope - I think something's seriously wrong..."

Me: "Nope - just a tighter gauge here for some odd reason..." Knit on, Knit on - blindly knitting away...

Then - I decided to check & compare this sock to sock #1. Hmmm - fits tightly on the sock blocker. Hmmmm - leg is going to be much longer than sock #1 - how can that be? I still have ribbing yet to do. Houston - we have a problem.

Then it hits me like a wet salmon - I started the short row heel one pattern repeat too early. ARGHHHH. So - rip, rip, rip I went. Back to repeat #3.... Only 3 more repeats (of 20 rows), a heel, and 2" of cuff + ribbing to do.

Sure I'll finish before April's over. NOT. Part of me wanted to continue and ignore the gross oversight just so I could receive April credit - how sad... So, I must have progressed as a knitter because I did the knitterly right thing to do - ripped back & will continue anew. Just not today. The pain is still too raw.

On the bright side - the 22" (yes - the 16" I reported earlier was a gross under estimate) of snow is melting away quite nicely & the sun is shining.

Here - look at Raja:
So much for knitting on the sweater today.



Diana said...

Believe me, I can sympathize. I've been knitting the same sock for a week. Frogged the toe twice, frogged the heel twice and still hearing the inner voice telling me to try the heel again, especially when I see how beautiful your heels look.

Holly Jo said...

OH NO! That is the worst! You really are growing up as a knitter. I think I would have taken the low road and finished for the credit then ripped. Good for you!

I love your kitty. :)