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Saturday, February 23, 2008


In 4m 4s

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Wow - I thought I'd do better than that. I focused on the West Coast - those small East coast states were off the screen, so I kinda forgot about them. Hmm - I think I can do better, but must resist. :0)

Okay - I really mean it now - back to knitting! (My competitive nature just couldn't let me stop). Oh - and now I know you don't have to capitalize the states, or hit return - once it's typed in correctly, it automatically moves on.
Back to knitting if I ever hope to finish a sweater.

Edited Post @ 9:47pm: Okay - off to bed now. This is really getting ridiculous. :0)


knapjack said...

Slacker! 1m 59s first try....

Cinnamonamon said...

I am NOT going to click the link. No, really. It will be embarrassing (for me). Not going to do it. No way, no how. Nu-uh.

;) Madrona sounds awesome! And your hubby definitely gets kudos for being such a good sport!