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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Many...

... times does it take to drive a vehicle up an icy driveway? Due to the recent freeze/thaw/freeze cycle we've experienced, our driveway has become a glacier.

Our driveway is a bit steep. Perhaps this spring I'll go out & actually do a wee-bit of math & calculate it's slope. Trust me - it's steep.

How steep? Well - so steep that once you start backing down the driveway, there is no stopping until you hit the bottom & potentially the ice/snow berm on the other side of the street.

So steep that I did a 180° turn when I was coming up the driveway today. Yup - that means I spun around & then was pointing down the driveway. It's during times like these that I regret not putting the studded tires on the car. After 3 tries, I made it up.

So steep that walking down the driveway to retrieve the mail is placing your life (or integrity of your bones and joints) at risk.

Hmmm - me thinks it's time for some ice melt (calcium chloride or something equivalent) & a date with an axe. Yeah - I'll get right on that. (as soon as I finish knitting sleeve #2)

Ciao ~

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Courtney said...

That doesnt look fun :-( Good luck melting it