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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!!

Just when I was wondering what to blog about, the answer revealed itself! When I got home from work today, my Scavenger Hunt Swap package was waiting for me. Thank you Wendy!!!

The premise of the swap was to find items related to themes. At least 4 items had to be fiber-related. Here's the run-down:

Something Hard: The book, "Arctic Lace" - Knitting projects and stories inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters. Hard indeed! I've only started to tackle a lace project & oy-vay! I think that let's you know how the Secret of the Stole project is coming along. (Can you say only row 26 on Clue #1? I think I'm now 6 clues behind)

Something Round: A retractable measuring tape. I can never have too many of these.

Something Local: A coffee mug depicting the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C. - Wendy is supporting my coffee addiction.

Something related to the letter "T": Yummy Chocolate/Coffee Treats! All dark chocolate + coffee - Can't forget the cool coffee bean stitch markers. Most excellent.

Something Funny: One of those toys that when you turn it upside down it makes a mooing sound. I think the sound is supposed to be a sheep (sheep are in the picture).

Spoiler's Choice: Yarn Yuminess! Last time I checked, sock yarn doesn't count in the stash, right?

Something Green: A knitting pattern for a dissected frog! Isn't that too cool? It is absolutely perfect & so clever. I have just the right yarn to use. As an anatomy teacher this is so fantastic! I think I know what my biology teacher friends are going to receive for Christmas gifts next year. :0)

I'm still waiting on my 'something funny' to arrive so I can send of a package to my downstream pal. There was a mistake by the vendor, so they are fixing it.

Well - the kids & hubby aren't home, so I need to sign off & take advantage of the quiet.

Ciao ~

P.S. - I think it took 5 times to get the van up the driveway today. Some good the new tires designed in Finland for ice & snow did.


Courtney said...

I love the Artic Knitting book :-) I have that book :-)

Lisa W. said...

great swap package! love the book, the yarn and omg that pattern! I'm gonna google it and check ravelry but if i can't find the name of it i''m coming back to ask you...must find that pattern!