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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pass the Tissues Please..

Blah - yup, that's how I feel today (and yesterday, and the night before that...). Mr. (I'm certain the virus is 'male' - a female virus would know I'm just too darned busy to be sick right now) Rhinovirus has taken hold of my nasal passages. Yucko. So, in a rare move - I stayed home today. Usually I wait until I'm death warmed over, running a high fever, or worse, but with parent teacher conferences all afternoon & evening tomorrow, I thought I'd better nip this virus in the bud. So - home I am. Too many problems with staying home. As a teacher it's more work to prepare for a sub, than to go to work. I want the time my students spend in my classroom to be meaningful, so I write meticulous lesson plans for my sub & hope they are carried through. Fortunately, my sub is a former student of mine (egads - that means I am old...) & knows how I run a class & has actually even participated in the chemistry lessons outlined for today. Some days you get lucky...

The other problem with staying home is that I feel the overwhelming urge to do something productive. Like - mop the floor, fold laundry, vacuum, etc. Thankfully I was able to resist the household chore urge & put my productive energy into sitting in my favorite chair and finishing up some knitting projects. That way, I can get the intended rest a day home from school provides. Let's take a look at how I did...
Here's the Sweet Baby Cardigan - all finished. I started this project back in July during our 6-week road trip. The body of the sweater knit up super fast. I reckon the sleeves would have gone much faster had I not put the sweater in a bag & proceed to work on other projects. The Yarn Harlot first introduced me (and the rest of the blogosphere) to this sweater. It is a fun knit & the yarn (Dream in Color) is to die for. The size is intended for a 6-9 month old. So - by the time it is blocked & dried, my niece (the intended recipient) should still fit in it. The sweater came in a kit (from Coldwater Collaborative) & there's plenty of yarn left over to make something else. I had considered a pair of booties, but after perusing ravelry, I've been inspired to make a hat to match.
Next off the needles:

The Tasseled Fez (without the tassels yet...) from Hat's On! by Charlene Schurch. I was inspired to knit this by Holly Jo. What a fun knit. It's my first fair isle that actually worked out well. I used Mission Falls 1824 wool (from the stash!!) & just needed a smidge more so I can complete the tassels.
Here is an up close shot to show the detail. Of course, there are a few imperfections, but I think I staged the photo so they wouldn't show. lol - I figure, my 5 year old (the intended recipient) won't notice either... It's one of his Christmas presents. That's one of the things I love about 5 year old boys. While he was engrossed watching Pokemon (can I say obsessed by Pokemon?) - I was able to try the hat on his head & he wasn't the wiser.

Here's another shot kind of showing the three points. It's pretty fun. When the tassels are attached, I'll upload another. Anyhow, thanks Holly-Jo for the idea! I've found other hats in this book that will make great presents.

The last cast off is only 1/2 of a project. You didn't think I wasn't working on a pair of socks, now did you?
This is Sock #1 for "Sockin' it to Maggie". A bit of charity knitting as Maggie is a 17 year old suffering from Histiocytosis. A group of bloggers are knitting her socks to help lift her spirits during her treatment and recovery. So - lots of well wishes are being knit into these socks.

Details: Broadripple from knitty.

Yarn: Socks That Rock lightweight (love it!) in Spot Rock On! colorway.

Needles: US 1, Addi Turbo, Magic Loop

Modifications: I'm knitting these over 72 stitches, so I've increased the number of knits between the yo and ssk.

Overall - a fun & quick pattern. I plan to finish these up & ship them off before Thanksgiving.

Well - must run. The latest issue of Interweave knits arrived today. Yes - something to read while I'm resting up before a long day of conferences tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!


Holly Jo said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the socks! I have seen the pattern before but never felt inspired to knit it. That has now changed. The baby cardigan is adorable too.

Feel better soon! I can't believe you are sick just before conferences. Very unfair.

Courtney said...

I love the socks!! Actually all the knitting looks great. I hope you feel better. :-)

tiennieknits said...

Pretty projects! I hope you feel better soon!