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Friday, November 9, 2007

It's a Good Day!

Oh yes - any three day weekend is good. I've mentioned before I think every weekend should be a three day weekend. But, alas - it's not. In return for proctoring the PSAT to high school students on a Saturday morning, I did not have to attend this morning's teacher in-service day. Yee haw.
Here's a sampling of what a rare morning at home during the week offers:

  1. Staying in pajamas until 9:00 am (I'll spare you photos...)
  2. Making pancakes in mickey mouse shapes for the kids
  3. Leisurely drinking a cup (or two, or three) of coffee
  4. Watching the kids use their creative energy building with legos and drawing pictures.
Iain used his "How to Draw Dinosaurs" book for his creation shown above. Look carefully and you'll spot a Ginkgo tree in the lower right corner. The other plants are ferns I think. The dragonflies and caterpillars are foam cutouts added for color.

Orion wanted to create more of a landscape using a pencil. Not too bad, huh? It could pass as the view outside our front window! He's pretty proud of it & wants to give it to his art teacher.

Leisure time was briefly interrupted so we could attend the boys' parent/teacher conferences. Since the boys attend an optional school, the conferences are student led. It's fun to listen to them explain their progress in school.

Iain is doing well and better at staying focused during circle time. He can write all of his letters (both upper and lower case) and his teacher thinks he's read for more complicated math work & expects he'll be reading on his own very soon. He's quite bright (if I may say so) with lots of energy. His teacher has the patience of a saint - a great fit for his 5-year old enthusiasm!

Orion is doing well. News on the math front is that he's ready for multiplication. Hooray!!! As a math teacher I am particularly sensitive to my children's ability to know their basic math facts. Orion has demonstrated he can do this and understands mathematical concepts. It's great fun to listen to how he figures out the answer. "I know 9 + 8 is 17 because 10 + 8 is 18 and since 9 is one less than 10, then the answer must be one less than 18." Wow! I'm not sure if some of my high school students could verbalize their math reasoning so well. Needless to say I'm pretty darned proud. He was very excited to share with us his Halloween story problem:
Here's the picture of his story problem. Can you figure out the answer?
How fun!

On the knitting front, I haven't cast on for Maggie's 2nd sock, but plan to this afternoon. I was just too darned tired after 6 hours of conferences yesterday afternoon and last night. However - when we returned home from conferences, a wonderful treat was waiting on the doorstep:
The package from the Ravelry Coffee swap arrived from my secret pal! I'd thank her personally, but she's still a secret! I know she is from Colorado & has spoiled me rotten! I can't wait until morning to try some of the coffee w/biscotti! Here's the rundown of the loot:
  1. Blue mug w/leaf - very cool & the perfect size!
  2. Rose scented soap - yum!
  3. Vanilla Deep-cleansing hand soap. I love the smell of vanilla & constantly wash my hands since I work in a germ-factory (a.k.a. - public high school)
  4. Green sticky notes - a teacher can never have too many of these & I love green!
  5. Hazelnut Biscotti - morning can't come soon enough. I must show restraint!
  6. 2 Skeins of Candenza 100% merino wool in the Dusk colorway. Gorgeous & feels so soft. Now - what to knit with this?
  7. The cutest Sheep ornament - handmade from the Handweavers Guild of Pueblo. We have an obnoxious 12 ft Christmas tree (I'll post about it come Christmas) & not nearly enough ornaments to fill it!
  8. The piece de la resistance? Coffee from Solar Roast Coffee - Bolivian and Sumatra. What to drink first?
Thank you, Thank you Ravelry Pal!!

I sent my Knitters' Coffee Swap 3 package over to Eva this afternoon. Eva lives in Germany, so I hope it arrives in good time. Has anyone else had the experience that the postal workers, while being super nice, work at a snail's pace? Perhaps that's the real reason why we call it 'snail mail'?
While I was waiting (only 1 person was ahead of me), an elderly man asked if I watched soap operas (that's a new pick-up line). I responded "no" (I do work during the day) and he said that I could be the twin sister of some gal who plays a District Attorney on The Young and The Restless (he used to watch a different one, but switched - crazy what you find out about people while waiting in line...). Hmmm - I'll have to check that out...

Anyhow - off to knit & enjoy time off from work..

Happy Friday!

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