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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Holy Grail...

STR - the yarn I've heard so much about is turning out to be akin to the Search For The Holy Grail. I'm in Oregon, I've visited 3 yarn shops, and still - no luck. Hmmm - Oh well, I will not be deterred - I WILL find this yarn. I love the wonders of the internet - I quickly found another yarn shop which just so happens to be on our way north to the Seattle area. This time I let my fingers do the walking & found out said establishment does in fact, have some STR in stock. Wish me luck.

Yesterday, Wade & I set out sans children for the 1st of our 2 RUSH (not Limbaugh) concerts. We set out from Sacramento around noon for what was estimated to be a 9 hour journey to the Portland area (don't you love Map Quest?). We crossed into Oregon & my knitting radar went off - a quick trip into Ashland (home of the Shakespeare Festival) & I found Websters. No STR yarn, but I did manage to make my trip worthwhile. :-)Wade is really sweet to allow me to indulge in my knitting addiction.

After our quick stop in Ashland, Wade had the inkling to take a "quick" drive over to the coast to see the sunset. Yeah - not so quick & not so great for the sunset. We drove along a very windy logging road to Coos Bay & then headed north along 101 toward Florence. It took us nearly 2 hours to drive 69 miles to the coast & not only did not see the sunset (it was very cloudy), but hardly saw the ocean! The 101 took us near the Oregon Dunes which were pretty cool to see. At Florence we decided to head back toward I-5 & Eugene. Again - another windy road & this time in the dark. Dinner consisted of water, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (the dinner of Road Trip Champions), Grapes (Thanks Sylvia!), and a candy bar procured at our gas stop in Redding. Quite the gourmet, romantic meal. lol

Once we hit I-5, we had to decide on a place to camp for the night. By this time it was 11 PM (our "quick" trip to the coast took us about 5 hours), and we were still 100 miles south of our friends' house. Wade thought it might be funny to just show up at their house & pop the top in their driveway for a fantastic early morning surprise. At about 11:30, Wade had second thoughts & decided perhaps we should stop somewhere else. A well-lit rest area along I-5, about 20 miles south of the state capital of Salem was our overnight accommodation of choice. Apparently it is also the rest stop of choice for truckers who cruise I-5. We awoke bright and early at 6am thanks to the wake-up call of diesel engines & a rooster somewhere near by. Truck engines are LOUD!!

The "view" from our suite

After a quick breakfast, we hit the road & arrived at our friends' house in Lake Oswego. We Roaches are a swell bunch - we even provide morning wake up calls!
Next stop: White River Ampitheatre to see "An Evening With Rush" to celebrate their Snakes and Arrows album. We're crashing at a friend of Margaret's tonight. Margaret even arranged for the new HP book to be reserved for me at a local book store! We might even take in some of the local sights of Tacoma tomorrow before we head back to Portland for concert #2. :0) This road trip is turning into something akin to "Where in the World Are The Roaches"? Where will we turn up next?

**In case any of you are wondering or concerned, we didn't abandon our children. They are spending some quality time with their grandparents in Sacramento while we enjoy the 2 concerts. Wade's parents are driving them up to Portland on Sunday. Have I mentioned I love my in-laws? You couldn't ask to marry into a better family!

Oh yeah - finished the baby socks. I guess these can count for my July Socks of the Month. I'm near the heel on the Embossed Leaves Sock #2, so I should get two socks done for credit for July.



Sandy said...

Glad that you found Websters! I love that place & Ashland (which we visit every August for a week at the Shakespeare Festival). Websters got me (& Katie) started on our knitting Odessy (long stories). In case you haven't found STR yarn yet you have 2 more chances when traveling north through Seattle & Bellingham We should join the STR club next year before they sell out! Not that I don't have enough knitting projects now ... but as the YH says, I am just being proactive about planning for my retirement ; ) Enjoy Tacoma!

akdimitriou said...

Hi Guys - Heather I pointed us to your blog. Nice job. Really liked the picture of Dr. Steve! Say hello to the Ross, Karen and the gang. Weather up here (ANC) has been mixed - but right now its a beautiful summer evening with temps in the 60s and NO BUGS!! We've got Eurovan really broke that bad boy in! Aidan says he misses the boys....Cam is cutting his 2 year molars and is drooling like mad. See you guys soon!