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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Graduation Day

Not your typical milestone, but a milestone none the less. Our youngest, IJ, graduated from Pre-Kindergarten yesterday. He attendes "Klever Kids" (yes, despite the spelling challenges, it is a very Clever & Fantabulous pre-school!) Yesterday was their graduation ceremony - complete with songs, cookies, and diplomas. We're sooooo proud of IJ - he'll do great at Kindergarten. His teacher "Miss Pam" (who knows everything, by the way) said of IJ "He is our computer expert. If ever there is a question about a computer, or a computer game, students always ask him for help." Hmmmm - a computer expert before you've even turned 5? Is this a good thing? Well - Bill Gates - look out!!

IJ is on the left, w/cookie in hand. His best friend and "twin" is in the middle - do you see the resemblance? (Neither do we, except their personalities are exactly the same - both were cut from the same cloth). Another buddy, and star in a locally produced commercial is on the right. I think this is the 'gang' Miss Pam said our son is a part of.

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