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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

United We Stand

Hooray - our Education Association has presented a Tentative Agreement for the teachers of the Anchorage School District. Yup - as mentioned in my profile, I'm a high school science (chemistry & Anatomy) & math (Algebra II) teacher. So - long story short - Alaska teachers aren't the top paid teachers in the country anymore & the teachers in our district have been without a contract since last June. Yup - you got it: we've been working without a contract - aren't we swell? So - after months of pleading, bargaining, and demonstrating to the district that we mean business, our bargaining team has presented a tentative agreement that we'll vote on at the end of March. Hooray!! The plan was to take a strike vote this week if nothing was happening by today. So - it looks like we might avoid a strike!

How does this all relate to knitting? Well - our union's official color is Purple (color of royalty??) - so to show a united stance we wear purple every Thursday. So - because I thought we might have to go on strike during the cold winter months (which occurs 90% of the time here in Alaska!) I knit a very cool hat - Fiber Trends Braid and Bobble Hat in purple! So - no chance to officially wear this very cool hat on the picket line. Alas - a small price to pay for a fair contract for the work and public service we provide.

I'd post a photo of this super hat - but since I'm still new to this blogging business, I can't figure out how to get a photo on my blog. ARghhh!! The editor of this site goes nutty everytime I arrange something. Someday, someday.....

Works in progress:

Felted Mittens: So - I'm using the Fiber Trends Snow Country Felt Mittens. Very fun & fast. Gotta love anything that 1) is knit on size 11 needles and of course - 2) requires no seaming!!! However.... in the pattern is this crazy Short Row w&t (wrap & turn) business. I'm convinced I'm doing it wrong - I wrap, I turn, I knit, I wrap, I turn, I purl, etc. Alas - later on I discover a hole. Yeah - a hole. Not very conducive to a garment that is supposed to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Of course - a few quick stiches (aka 'sewing'!) and some felting - and the hole is not noticeable. So - what's the deal with this short row. Any thoughts? Any help is greatly appreciated. I mean - what's the point & is the w&t necessary?

Future Project:

Zippered Cardigan Sweater - looking to knit something like a Norweigian sweater w/a zipper front. Any suggestions on a pattern? Haven't been successful in the pattern search. I looked on the Dale of Norway site - potential, but still open to suggestions.

Well - I'm about to become a 'Robot Widow' as my husband prepares to leave for a week trip w/20 high school students to San Jose, CA for the regional FIRST robot competition. So - single parenting & full time working for me. Fun, fun. Perhaps I'll follow the Yarn Harlot's lead and do some redecorating while the hubby is away. Or.... add to the stash in the closet. :-)



Mary said...

I'd love to see a picture of your purple braid & bobble hat -- I'm knitting it right now in green. Love this pattern. :-)

Mary said...

Hi again! The yarn I'm using for my B&B hat is Cynthia Helene Superwash Merino in Jade, that I picked up at a yarn swap we had here last year. I love the yarn! And I love this pattern. Your purple version is gorgeous! I will have to knit another one in purple, I like it so much!