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Monday, March 12, 2007

Blog Neophyte

Enough is enough. After getting sucked into the world of reading other blogs about knitting, traveling, and motherhood, I've decided to start one of my own. So - welcome to the Wandering Stitch - my ramblings about knitting, traveling, and motherhood (oh my!)

There's a load of laundry waiting to be folded down in the dryer - but wait, I still have another bootie to knit. Several teachers at my high school are expecting within the next few months. I've decided my contribution to their impending motherhood is to knit each of their babies a new set of booties. I'm using the Fiber Trends pattern - very fun & easy to use. I especially love the fact that I DO NOT HAVE TO SEW ANY SEAMS!! Sewing anything is virtually the 'kiss of death' for me. Ask my great friend Mags - she's seen the evidence of projects left as orphans because they required seaming. Arghh - needless to say - I love the 3 needle bind off - and avoid patterns that require seaming like the plague.

Okay - so, have I mentioned that my current project (work in progress) will eventually require seaming?- yeah, I have such utter KADD (Knitter Attention Deficit Disorder) that I get distracted by a cool finished project I see in our local knitting store (Shout Out to the Yarn Branch and Far North Yarns) that I totally forget about my aversion to seaming. Arghh - let's hope this project (Cindy Sweater by Berrocco) doesn't end up an orphan.

Well - enough for the first night. I hope to add more - including photos & little 'ditties' about the adventures of my two boys & our summer plan to drive to the "Lower 48" in our 2003 VW Eurovan.


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