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Monday, July 12, 2010

Timing is Everything!

We interrupt our cross country travels to show you what I've been up to while dear Wado is driving. Because I've been blessed with the ability to read, knit, etc in a car w/o getting motion sickness, I've been able to get lots of knitting accomplished. I recently reported that I have 2 projects to share with you, but since that post, I'm please to announce that I have FOUR (yeah!) finished objects. I'll intersperse my travel posts with reports of knitting just to spice it up a bit.

Because my timing is impeccable, I chose a nice hot, sunny day (perhaps 90°F in the sun?) in Sacramento for the finished photo shoot. I think I actually finished this project while driving from my aunt's home in New Jersey back to our friend's home in Wisconsin. It's been sitting in my knitting bag and occasionally balled up on the dashboard of the van until now.

This is a project inspired by my friend Sandy (not blogless, but hasn't blogged in many moons...). She's knit quite a few & they just look so fun, especially when they're rolled up along the waviness of the scarf.


Pattern: Sea Lettuce Scarf by Lucy Neatby. A fun lesson in the skill of short rows and picot edges. I've mentioned before that I don't knit many scarves because my knitting attention span is that of a flea with ADHD, so I didn't knit it until the yarn ran out. I figure I'll probably just use this as an accessory rather than a piece of functional winter wear. It is a fun knit and the directions are easy to follow. Lucy has provided directions for different weights of yarn depending on your preference.

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Twisted" in Jubilation colorway; less than 1 skein. I think I have enough left over to knit a small hat. Perhaps something for my new nephew expected to make his debut in September? I know that natural occurring Sea Lettuce is not purple (as Wade kept pointing out - "Sea Lettuce isn't purple, it's green!!"), but I was attracted to this color way (as I often am to purples) & that was that.

Needles: US7 The pattern recommends a US2, but I figure that's for those using fingering weight yarn. Also - since scarves are very forgiving in terms of fit, I just used a needle that was close to that suggested by BMFA and what I thought produced a nice looking fabric.

Overall: Very fun project!

I'll share more FO's later (they're drying in the warm, dry Sacramento air) & more of our travel adventures soon. Tonight - Wade & I are going to see Carbon Leaf in concert - should be fun!

Ciao & Happy Travels!


KnitNurd said...

Oooooooh, I hope you enjoy your stay in Sacramento! I live about 20minutes outside of Sacto., in Roseville. I'm enjoying following your trip, so thanks for the updates!!
Oh, and I'm with you on the Sea Lettuce it in purple and what a fun accessory piece! said...

Love the colorway! I agree - more of an accessory and it is super cute.

Carbon Leaf. *sigh* I am SOOOOO jealous. Hope you had a great time! :)

Sara said...

What a cute scarf! Perfect pattern and yarn combo.