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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roaches Day Off in Chicago!

Captain's Log, Star dates July 1 - July 3, 2010
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Distance Traveled: Ummm - a lot! (notebook not nearby for me to check...)

After our brief visit with my aunt in New Jersey, we headed west so Wade could be back in Milwaukee in time for the RUSH concert on July 3. We camped overnight in northern PA where it actually got chilly during the night - a significant change in the weather we've been experiencing during our journey.

Since we were "in the neighborhood", we thought we'd spend a couple of days in Chicago before heading back to the Sivils' homestead in Milwaukee. I've been to Chicago twice before & have had wonderful experiences each time. We decided to splurge & spend 2 nights in a hotel situated downtown within walking distance of the Navy Pier. This was great as we had access to showers, free cook-to-order breakfast, T.V. for viewing World Cup matches, and free Happy Hour drinks. :0)

Museums were not on our agenda for this stop since we'd had plenty of museums in D.C. and NYC. We opted to take advantage of the wonderful bike path around the Lake Shore for some much needed & appreciated exercise:

A Picture Perfect Day!

Along our travels we admired the beautiful skyline of Chicago & stopped at Millennium Park to have a cold, refreshing beverage and hang out at the Bean:

Wade was able to get some fun shots of the boys & the Bean:

And just one I find particularly interesting:

I think it could be used as "What's This" photo contest. Anyhow - I think it's pretty neat...

After lunch at the Weber Grill (yum! Note the grill covers they use as heat lamps) we took an Architecture Cruise along the Chicago River. Did you know the city of Chicago actually switched the direction of the river so as to prevent polluting Lake Michigan? Just goes to show how humans can manipulate their environment to suit their needs. 2 Years ago, Wade's mom, the boys, & I took a similar cruise, but one geared more toward the history of Chicago. This particular trip focused on the types of architecture (there are so many!) along the river. Very interesting & informative & hot as the sun was out in full force, there was nary a breeze, and like a dumb-dumb, I wore a black shirt. Duh! Turns out our tour guide did not have any formal training in architecture, but had a degree in Chemistry! I guess now I can tell my students what they can do for a career if they choose to pursue a chemistry degree. JK

I couldn't possible share even a fraction of the photos Wade took along the tour. Picture, tall, sleek, glass-infused buildings & you'll get the idea. I did like these: The Riverwalk Cottages, (I think) which used triangles in unique ways.

We spent the early evening swimming at the hotel's pool, and then walked along Navy Pier. The boys were disappointed with the Pier as they were expecting more of a carnival/fair atmosphere & not so much shopping and food establishments.

We ended our visit to Chicago by watching the Germany vs. Argentina blow out (Go Deutschland!) the morning we drove out. It was pretty cute as the boys were in one room cheering for Argentina (complete with colored Argentina flags) and Wade & I were in the other cheering for the Germans. Too bad it seems that Germany used all of their magic during that game & had nothing left for their match against Spain.

Anyhow - another grand day out for the Roach clan on our Summer 2010 voyage.

Ciao & Happy Travels!

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Mags said...

Looks like loads of fun! I like the photo of the boys with the bean! Looking forward to hearing about how you liked Toronto!