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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hello. My name is Arctic Knitter and I have a Noro Scarf knitting addiction. I blame the Yarn Harlot and my inability to just say no. I had stumbled upon BrooklynTweed's scarf sometime last year. I was taken by the incredible colors of the Noro yarn. My original opinion of Noro was that it was too scratchy - I couldn't imagine knitting with it. So - I admired the scarf from afar and promptly forgot about it.

But then, I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog at a time in my knitting life when I needed simple knitting. As soon as I saw her photos and read her description about her experience with Noro, I knew I was hooked. Last Saturday my son and I needed to purchase a birthday gift for his friend. It just so happens there is a fantastic toy shop next door to a LYS, The Yarn Branch. Serendipitous. So - while the gift was being wrapped, not wanting to waste time just standing around, I popped into the yarn shop, with boys in tow to take a gander at the Noro one more time. A quick fondle of the Silk Garden & before you can cast on 5 stitches, 4 balls of the stuff and a set of size 7 straight needles were in my basket.

Scarves and I usually don't get along. As I've stated before, I have the attention of a flea - I get bored within inches of knitting a scarf. Not this time - the mindless 1x1 rib over 31 stitches (reduced from BrooklynTweed's 39) and the mesmerizing color changes of the yarn held me rapt for hours and as of now, 36 inches. I'm halfway through a scarf I began Saturday afternoon. Not too bad.
I've told myself I'll finish these 2 balls (colorways 270 and 292) and then it has to rest while I finish up my CPH, the Icelandic sweater, and my husband's hat. I still have holiday knitting I'd like to finish (but first I must begin!), so I do have to show a little restraint by taking a break from this scarf.

I can do it. Yeah - I can quit anytime I want to.

Knitting problem - nope, not me.


pdxknitterati said...

It's a vast conspiracy, but I'm standing firm in my resistance to knitting that scarf. It's awfully pretty, though...

Holly Jo said...

I promised a friend a scarf. I am planning on steering her in that direction. :) Maybe the mindless 1X1 knitting with pretty colors is just what we need this time of year. :)

FYI - the turn a square hat has the same quality. I blame Noro. :)

carolyn said...

I love your scarf and I'm trying to "just look", not want.
(I'm in the middle of Christmas present knitting too, and no one wants a scarf.)