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Monday, August 25, 2008

Red Ribbon Day!

Sock Award, originally uploaded by Arctic Knitter.

Holy Schnikey! Check this out - on a whim & inspired by Winston's Mom & fellow blogger of One More Row - I entered a sock in the Knitted Sock division of the AK State Fair.

Who'da thunk - the things actually won a prize - a pretty red 2nd place no less! Now don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled with these socks & very proud. I just love how the color (STR - Oregon Red Honey) complements the pattern (Celtic Braid Socks) - I'm just surprised they actually won something! Having said that - I really wonder about the judging criteria for the socks. Yes - I love my socks & think they're worthy of recognition, however after looking at the plain stockinette pair of socks that earned the 1st place/Division champion (read - Big, pretty Purple Ribbon) - I wonder how those were better than mine. Also - saw a beautiful pair of blue socks on display w/nary an honorable mention - what's up with that? Perhaps the AK State Fair judges attended the same judging school as those of the Olympic gymnastics? Just a thought...

Our other reason for trudging out to the AK State Money Pit, oops I mean state fair - was to admire Winston's Mom's beautiful Fair Isle Cardigan she made for her mom:

Friend's Fair Isle

Isn't it gorgeous? I can't believe it didn't place higher. Now - the 2nd place sweater was another beautiful fair isle - well done, beautiful design & colors. However - the first place? A monochromatic cable sweater. Hmmmm - again, I question the judging. Don't get me wrong, cables are beautiful - in fact I'm knitting two projects involving cables right now. However - it just didn't stand out & say "Wow - Look at Me, Aren't I Gorgeous?" I dunno - perhaps I'm just a tad bit biased since this sweater was knit by a dear friend of mine. I also think (since I'm already on my soap box, why get off now...) - the folks who put up the knitting displays could have done a much better job in showing off this fantastic piece of craftsman(woman)ship. Folded, albeit neatly, just does not do this sweater justice. Two honorable mention sweaters were nicely displayed on forms (is that the correct name for those armless, headless things?) - don't you think a sweater that placed higher would deserve a more prominent display? Just another thought.... (okay, climbing down from said soap box)

So - a great day for Anchorage, East High, and SWS knitters at the AK State Fair. Booyah!

So - here's a glimpse on my latest impulse cast-on project:
Hey, Teach - Day 2

Any guesses?

I leave you with this - a photo that warms my heart:

"Can't Play Wii Right Now - This Book Is Too Good!"



Courtney said...


Diana said...

Wow! Fantastic Job on the Socks!

I've opted to stay away from the Money Pit,I mean Fair, with the kids. Now that they're older, all they want to do is the rides(EXPENSIVE) and won't let me check out all the wonderful crafts, flowers and baked goods, without whinning. I guess we're at a stalemate when it comes to the fair.

Holly Jo said...

CONGRATS! I was psyched to see you enter a pair of socks. :) Not necessarily in reference to my socks, but I DID wonder about the judging somewhat. There was some stuff that won that I didn't understand why it did. Even my husband noticed, and he doesn't knit. :) Still, your socks are lovely and certainly deserve the ribbon.

Lisa W. said...

i just love those 'first day of school' pics ;0 thumbs up on the plaid shirt...your teaching methods mimic mine ;0 I loved teaching about STD's wearing my Queen Chlamydia getup and singing semi bawdy tunes! Hey, if it makes one person more interested or understanding of the's working. congrats on the ribbon. i hear you on some of the choices/judging should we sign up with the guild and judge next year?