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Friday, March 21, 2008

Student of the Week

One of the highlights of being a 2nd grader at my son's school is the opportunity to be Student of the Week. All elders (2nd graders in the mixed-grade classes) have the opportunity to share mementos representing who they are. The items are displayed throughout the week and then on Friday, there is a Q&A session with the student and their family. Families get to choose the week they prefer and normally choose a week close to the student's birthday. During the Q&A, the teacher writes down the 'facts' about the student and uses them as a writing assignment. The drawings and writings completed by the class are then compiled into a lovely book for the Student of the Week to keep. Pretty darned cool.

Today (okay - last week, I'm doing some serious back-posting) was the end of Orion's Student of the Week and our family Q&A. Some items he chose to display were his medals for soccer, ski 4 kids, and running club. He hung up a poster of a Triceratops because it's his favorite dinosaur (his bedroom has a dino theme). We put out his baby book & a scrap book, photos of our family, his first Halloween costume (a lion), his favorite books (Calvin & Hobbes, Asterix, and Geronimo Stilton) and some Pokemon cards.

His classmates asked all sorts of questions. "What was a funny incident?" was the most popular question - I was only prepared for one answer, so when the question arose several times, we were a bit stumped. Orion never crawled - his preferred mode of transportation was the "Butt Scoot". He'd sit up and use his heels to pull himself around the room. It was quite entertaining & he actually wore holes into his little soft baby shoes. We showed a clip of him scooting around - his class loved that! I'll have to find a way to post that video, it's too darned cute.

What a great way to honor kids! I know we'll always look through Orion's memory book and have fond memories.

Here's a quick peek of what's on the needles. I hope to have a finished object to show soon:

I'll leave you guessing as to the details for now.

Ciao ~

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