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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Checking In...

Short & Sweet: Life has been a bit hectic, so no time to blog, knit, etc. Spring Break in San Diego has come & gone - great week; will post pics, etc. later. I decided my life isn't crazy enough, so I jumped back into coaching our girls JV soccer team. Yup - like I don't have enough to do. It seriously has cut into the knitting time, but it will be worth it. Today was my 1st official practice w/just the JV girls & they are a hoot. I forgot how much I enjoyed coaching JV. ( I last coached JV back in 2001 - gave it up for a bit when the boys were itty bitty.)

Today is Orion's 8th birthday - wow! Time certainly flies by. Well - not only am I busy, but I feel a cold coming on. So - just checking in to say - "I'm here" & will hopefully return soon with more entertaining & knitting content.

Until then...Let's hope I can get the pair of socks done soon so I can have something to show. Sock #1 has just the toe to finish - let's see, that was 3 days ago....


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Courtney said...

Hope you dont get sick.... Cant wait to see your socks :-)