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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Monkeys off my back...

Yes! They're done! These socks were knit for my Monkey Swap Pal for MSS3. I figured I'd have finished these long before, but of course - life gets in the way.

Pattern: Cookie A. "Monkey Sock" - What a dream pattern. Fun, easy to memorize, creates a cool sock.

Size: & For a size 10 foot. This presented a bit of a problem, as my feet are a smidge smaller. I think I reknit the toe on one sock 3 different times. In order to accommodate the larger size, I added an extra pattern repeat. With the added repeat & the toe - the sock looked like it could fit a clown. I'd hate to send of a pair of socks to someone who'd end up hating them. Like a tell my students - the work you submit is a reflection of you, so following my own advice, I froggedreknit so as to send off my best work.

Yarn: Ugh. Plymouth Sockotta. Cotton blends are not for me. At least not this blend. The yarn wasn't very soft to work with. I have to admit I fell in love with the color, and kept reminding myself that my Monkey Pal, who lives down South, will appreciate the cotton in the warm temperatures.

Modifications: Again - avoided the kitchner by working a Star Toe on the socks. I just love the look, how it fits, and - I don't have to sew. I kept with the pattern on the 1st sock & kitchnered, but when I decided to rip back the toe & one pattern repeat, I went with the star toe. Just love it...
Next up... Sock Wars! Bring it on.... Feeds right into my competitive nature. Dossiers are released on Saturday & then you'll be able to smell the smoke from my needles. Of course - I have to finish a pair of socks before I receive a pair of socks from my assigned assassin. It should be interesting. I'm not planning on lasting long. I'm in it for the socks...

Tomorrow - the first gathering of the EastHigh Knitwits at a local coffee shop. A great time to knit, visit w/colleagues you normally don't get to see during the school day, and of course - indulge in caffeinated pleasures. I'm looking forward to it!!

I leave you with a picture that 'warms my heart':
DH with my 5-year old. Certainly no question of the paternity, huh?

Ciao ~


Holly Jo said...

Socks are BEAUTIFUL! Great knitting. The color is fantastic.

I seriously covet your sock blockers. Good luck in sock wars. When I did it my person was in Anchorage, so knit fast. :)

tiennieknits said...

The socks are so pretty!

What a sweet picture!

LaLa said...

I love the socks and all the rest of the goodies (they came today, can you believe that?) You are a totally awesome pal. It's raining here today, but I'll take lots of pics tomorrow to put up on the blog!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!